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The Last Straw

I read once about a Weight Watchers leader who gave every new member in her group a small piece of a drinking straw.  This was to represent “the last straw”.  The thing that finally made them decide to lose weight.  They were to keep it in their pocket and when they were tempted to overindulge in food or to skip a workout it would serve as a reminder to them of that one thing that motivated them to change.

My last straw moment was in January.  I had gained about 14 pounds over the preceding 3 months.  I was developing an addiction to Dr. Pepper, I had eaten only the good Lord knows how many peanut butter balls over the holidays and my clothes were all getting tight.  I remember putting on my pajamas one night, looking in the mirror and thinking, “Oh.  My.  Word!  I look like a Biggest Loser contestant!”

I had been in denial for so long about my weight.  I knew I was overweight, I knew my clothes were bigger than they had been before I started having babies but I never truly saw just how unhealthy I had become.  A few things put it all into perspective for me.  I looked honestly at myself and came to the realization that:

 1)  I had gained about almost 100 pounds since I started dating my husband.  100 pounds!  That’s like gaining the Olsen twins!  I didn’t look or feel like myself anymore.

2) I felt like an old woman every single morning.  I was sore, cranky, hurt all over and hobbled to the bathroom when I got out of bed.

3)  I was severely depressed.  Depressed to the point that I was going to start taking supplements and if those didn’t work I was going to see a doctor for a prescription medication.

I knew the state of my health was responsible for my aches and pains and I suspected even my depression.  I knew it was time to make a permanent LIFE change.  No Mayo Clinic diet.  No Weight Watchers.  No cabbage diet, no baby food diet, no popular-at-the-moment fad diet.  Nope.  Just a lifelong commitment to eating good, wholesome, clean foods. Cut out the crap (junk/processed foods) and get my bootay back in the gym.

That was my last straw moment.  Have you had a last straw moment in regards to your health/weight?

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2 thoughts on “The Last Straw

  1. My last straw was the type 2 diabetes diagnosis. The idea that I would not be around for my sister’s kids in the future was a huge motivation. I never want to leave them without me!

    And changing my lifestyle was going to be the only way to save my life. No more diets. No more fads. It was do or die time.

    You are doing awesome and I am so proud of you!

  2. […] If you’re new here I’ll give you the quick run down of how SHM came about.  Back in 2011 I decided I was tired of yo-yo dieting and I was tired of being tired!   I had three girls who were growing up so fast and there was so much that I wanted to be able to do with them but my weight was stopping me.  I was almost 230 pounds, was completely miserable, and I finally reached my last straw. […]

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