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Weight Loss Challenge

Last night was the big finale of the Weight Loss Challenge at the gym.  We were weighed on the first day and then we were weighed again last Thursday.  I knew I didn’t win first place (my friend and teammate, Sherri, was ahead of me going into the finale and she lost an additional FIVE pounds before the last weigh in–I didn’t lose anymore the last two weeks).  But I was holding out hope for second or third place.

Joanna announced that the third and fourth places were sooooo close (like, hundredths of a percentage close) that the gym owner, Greg, decided to award both third and fourth place.  I’m happy to say that even if he didn’t do that I still would have walked away with some money…I came in third place!  I would’ve loved to have placed second but I was happy just to have placed period.  I won $50 which will be used to buy a new bathing suit for the summer!

I’ll admit, after the final weigh in I let things go a little bit.  In the last 4 days I’ve indulged a little too much and been a little too lazy.  Stress does that to me.  My grandmother passed away early this morning after several weeks of her health declining and I’ve been drowning my sorrows with ice cream and chocolate.  But after three days I’m ready to get back on the wagon!

During class we shared a goal for next month and something we are proud of that we have accomplished recently.  I shared that the first time I took Turbokick and we were instructed to “get down, hit the floor” (which involves tapping the floor with your hands) I thought Joanna was crazy because there was no way this body was going to be able to tap the floor!  And now…I can tap the floor!  My goal for next month is to keep training for the 5K in July and increase my running time from 2 miles straight to 3 miles straight.  Last night I ran 2 miles straight with only one walking break for about 2 minutes.  I’m improving!  I’m just working on endurance now and then I’ll start working on my speed!

I’m so thankful for Champions Gym and for Joanna for encouraging me to reach for my goals and to NOT give up!

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