First 5K Training

I will be running a 5K in 6 weeks.

6 weeks!  Holy cow!

Last week, on Memorial Day, we traveled to my parents’ home out in the country.  I don’t usually run outside.  To be able to do so I’d have to go before the sun (and my hubby) was up in the morning and I don’t feel safe running in our neighborhood in the dark.  Or I’d have to go after hubby gets home from work but I prefer to go to the gym in the evenings.  Therefore, I usually end up just running on the treadmill.

But on Memorial Day I decided to run a 5K out in the country.  The temperature was in the 80s, it was humid, and I had eaten lunch 30 minutes before.  Not a good combo at all.  But I did it.

My parents live down a long straight road with another long straight road in front of their house.  I had marked out 3.1 miles (not quite to the end of the road and back) using MapMyRun before leaving home.  So I set off with my good running shoes on, my spiffy new visor (compliments of my mother–thanks Mom!) and my mp3 player full of Eminem music.

Let me repeat….I never run outside.  I knew it was going to be harder than inside but I had no idea just how much more difficult it would be!  I was only able to run for very short periods of time before taking a break.  Also, running on a full stomach was not fun.  Add the incredible heat and it was miserable!

I made it in a good time to the 1.5 mile mark and then turned around to head back.  The good thing about running outside is I can see how much further I have to go!  I fixed my eyes on my old homestead and made my way back.

My feet were hurting.

My back was covered in sweat.

And I wanted to puke.

But somehow despite the circumstances (and the fact that I walked the entire way back except for a brief 30 second running sprint at the end) I was able to make it back and finish the full 5K in 41 minutes.

Me and my big red face

Just for fun I looked up the race results from a previous year for the race I am running in July.  The last place finisher’s time was right at one hour.  I’m hopeful that I won’t be finishing in last place!  But if I do…so be it.  As long as I finish!

I have so much more training to do!  Gotta keep working on my endurance outside in the heat!

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