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Pink Ribbon Run 5K Race Report

I may not go fast.  But I GO and that is the important thing!

Today I participated in the Leo Jenkins Cancer Center Pink Ribbon Race (5K).  I really didn’t do much to “train” for this race.  I have been running off and on at the gym.  Most weeks I only get in about 6 miles total but I felt like I could finish this one without too much trouble so I decided to go for it.

My tough as nails  sweet as pie trainer, Wanda (from my weight loss group at the gym) was also running this one.  She is one fit lady.  She kicks our butts in Champ Camp and she loves motivating people to lose weight!  I was happy to see a familiar face there since I was going this one alone (Aaron and the girls stayed at home).

Me and Wanda after–did I mention that Wanda “hates” to run and she placed and got herself a medal?!

I arrived an hour early and got registered, put my shoe chip and number on, grabbed my free t-shirt and went to sit and stretch and get prepared mentally for the race.  It was great seeing so much support for breast cancer patients.  My grandmother died from breast cancer when I was 10 years old.  She was such an important part of my life so breast cancer awareness and research and support is dear to my heart.  My mother-in-law and my mother’s best friend have both beaten breast cancer within the last two years and my best friend’s mother is currently fighting a recurrence.  Yeah, breast cancer has hit very close to home for me. I took some time to reflect on those women in my life who have dealt with this awful disease.  It was inspirational seeing so many people wearing pins and papers with their loved one’s names on them.

We got lined up and the race started a little behind schedule at around 1:40.  There were not nearly as many people as at my last race (I’d guess there were maybe 200 or so at this one compared to over 800 at my last race) and it was easier to break away from the group and get into my own little world.  I did well for the first half a mile.

And then it happened.  The mysterious recurring throbbing neck pain.  I can’t explain it.  I’ve tried changing my posture.  I’ve asked fellow runners for advice.  I’ve consulted almighty Google.  No one can give me an answer for what causes this horrible pain.  It brings me to a stop every time.  I have to walk it off and then it aches for the remainder of the race.  I’m able to run again but for about two minutes it’s all I can do to catch my breath because of the pain.

Anyway…I got through that familiar setback and took off again.  Before I knew it I had completed a mile.  And then two.  And then the finish line was in sight.  I tried to sprint at the end but I just didn’t have it in me.  Had I known how close I was to beating 40 minutes, I probably could have done it.  But alas, I finished 25 seconds quicker than my last time, clocking in at 40:16.

I know time isn’t important but dagnabbit I want to beat 40 minutes!  So I’m thinking about doing another 5K in two weeks.  Same track, different fundraiser.  I think I’m getting addicted!

I was looking at some photos of me from last winter and I realized how far I have come.  I still have so far to go but I feel like I’m finally going to do it this time.  Not to be skinny, not to be prettier, not so I can wear a smaller size.  I can DO THIS because I want to be healthy.  My girls deserve a healthy mama and I’m going to do all I can to be just that for them!

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