Day 3

I knew today would be hard because the girls are I were going to spend the day at my mom and dad’s.  I always have a hard time when we go there because they keep food in their house that we don’t keep in ours!  I always end up eating snack foods and chocolate all day.

This morning I packed a few things to take with me.  I wasn’t very hungry when I got up so I just had a piece of oatmeal bread.

Leftover stir fry and rice from last night
Handful of dates

Peanut butter sandwich (not clean because it was Jif but better than a hot dog which is what my mom had and what I really wanted!)
Apple and a banana (on the way to the gym)

I went to the gym and did a Cardio Surprise class that ended up being an interval class.

Bean and Veggie Corn Tortillas (corn tortilla crisps piled up with refried beans, black beans, corn, and sauteed onions and peppers, cooked in the oven for a few minutes and then topped with tomatoes and lettuce)
“Fried” brown rice

This was really good!  I was pretty proud of myself since I just made it up.  I think I’ll call it Corn Tortilla Pizza! 

I was stuffed after eating supper.  It was the most full I have felt since starting this on Sunday (thanks to the rice and the beans).  I successfully got in my calories and thanks to the beans and the peanut butter I got in 54 grams of protein!  I’m slowly getting the hang of this!

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