Vegan Challenge

Vegan Challenge: Day 4

Today was the first day that I didn’t stress out about what I was going to eat.  It’s getting easier day by day.  I haven’t missed meat at all and I really haven’t missed cheese either.  I have missed products that have cheese in them (processed crap like parmesan garlic pita chips and cheese nips).   I thought I’d be craving milk and yogurt but I really have been satisfied with what I am eating.

Oatmeal made with vanilla almond milk (which tastes SO much better than with water) with 1/2 a chopped apple and some craisins added in and a sprinkle of grape nuts on top
Orange juice

2 Leftover Bean and Veggie Corn Tortillas (I used pico de gallo today instead of tomatoes and it was really good)


For my “rest” day I decided to take the girls to the pool at the gym.  We had a great time and I ended up getting in some exercise in the pool (swimming laps, leg lifts, pool running, etc)–so much for “resting”!  And the hot tub felt SO good on these sore muscles!

NY Times Veggie Burger
Sauteed onions and mushrooms with worcestershire sauce and cracked pepper (did you know worcestershire sauce is not vegan?  It has anchovies in it.  I didn’t want to buy a bottle of the vegan kind so I cheated and used what we already had on hand)
Unsweet black tea

I couldn’t even finish all of the burger!  It was really good and I was full half way through it!

I felt pretty good today but crashed about 3pm and ended up taking a nap after the kids finished their schoolwork for the day!  No other changes noted but I am down a pound already and in general I just feel “lighter.”  All the beans and fiber are causing some gas issues but from what I’ve read that will settle down as my body gets used to it.

And something to celebrate…I got out of the shower today and realized that a regular towel will fit around me now without any gaps!  Woot woot!!!

I said I wasn’t going to weigh myself so much this month but I can’t help it.  I’m addicted to my scale!  So far in January, I am down 6.6 pounds!  Holla!

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