Vegan Challenge

Vegan Challenge: Day 5

Oatmeal made with almond milk with natural peanut butter stirred in (yummy, yummy!)

I opted to not go to the gym today because I just didn’t have it in me to get everyone ready!  It’s also a work night for me so my afternoon had to be reserved for a short nap.  I did a workout DVD (Jackie Warner Power Circuit Training) and then the girls and I cleaned the downstairs.  I burned just as many calories doing that as doing the DVD!

Mixed greens salad with cranberries, walnuts, carrots and some balsamic vinaigrette
1/2 leftover veggie burger with dill pickles, mustard and ketchup

A few blue corn chips and some salsa

2 slices organic whole grain bread with 1 tbsp peanut butter and a banana

I cooked chicken in the crockpot for everyone else and had planned to fix veggie stir fry for myself but I was able to get a nap in and didn’t get up in time.

I’ll have something else to eat at work tonight…depending on what they have I’ll either have a salad or soup or if it’s taco night I’ll have a meatless burrito.

My weight was down a little bit today (and I’m lower than my lowest weight from last year so that’s reason to celebrate!).  I just noticed that even though I didn’t moisturize my skin after my shower my face feels really soft and not dry at all.  I also noticed when I put on my workout clothes today that my “love handles” are not as pronounced now.  I’m worried about having a lot of saggy skin once I get to my goal weight so I’ve been trying to remember that when I want to skip ab workouts (which I DETEST!).

I’m looking forward to this weekend–I’ve had tofu Pad Thai from a local restaurant on my mind all week so hoping to make that happen tomorrow night!  Saturday night we’re going to eat with some friends at their home and we’ve already planned out a good, healthy and vegan friendly meal.  I love having friends who don’t think that I’m crazy for my eating habits!

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