Vegan Challenge

Vegan Challenge: Day 7

Got up early (well, for a Saturday) and headed to the gym for a 9 AM step class.  I can never eat as soon as I get up so I had some water before class and a banana afterwards.  Then I was off to Walmart for a few things (including a new Ninja food processor–LOVE it!).


Brown Rice with vegetable stir fry (zucchini, squash, bok choy, red pepper, green pepper, onion and garlic and for the sauce I used rice vinegar, Bragg’s, pepper, salt and a little natural peanut butter)

We ate supper with some friends and I volunteered to bring a dessert so I sampled the dark chocolate dipped strawberries (and ate about a handful of the dark chocolate chips) and had a few tastes of the vegan chocolate pudding.  The dark chocolate chips were not vegan although they do make vegan chips (I didn’t have time to stop at Fresh Market to buy some).

WW burrito wrap with rice, blacks beans, onions, lettuce and tomato with some blue corn chips and pico de gallo on the side.
Vegan chocolate pudding (made with tofu!) with a few vanilla wafers (not vegan!), and a couple of dark chocolate dipped strawberries

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