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Vegan Challenge: Plant Strong with Engine 2

I mentioned a couple days ago that I was going to loosely follow the “Engine 2 Diet.”  I hate that it is even called a diet because it’s more than that–it is a lifestyle and it’s one that makes so much sense.

If you have not seen Forks Over Knives then stop right now and go watch it!  Seriously, stop reading and go watch it.  You can stream it over Netflix.  It’s a fantastic documentary about two doctors who studied the effects that the American diet is having on us as a nation.  It is very eye-opening and full of well documented facts.  One of the doctors has a son named Rip Esselstyn who used to be a professional triathelete and is now a firefighter in Texas.  The book, The Engine 2 Diet, is his story about how he changed the lives of his fellow firefighters by introducing them to a plant based way of eating.  The stories of people reversing their diabetes, decreasing their cholesterol (some over 100 points in just 3 weeks) and losing weight was amazing.

Rip promotes a plant based diet and does not refer to it as “vegan” but rather “plant strong.” A vegan diet can be unhealthy when you add in processed faux cheeses, meats, etc.  His plan is all about real, whole foods while avoiding sugar, oil, animals and animal products.  

I’m using his meal plans and adding a few things here and there.  For instance, he stresses no added sugars or oil.  I’m fine cooking without oil but my oatmeal bread has oil in it and my cranberries have a little added sugar.  I’m not stressing over a few little things like that.  I use the plans as guidelines but I’m also using recipes from other sources such as The Happy Herbivore.

If you are interested in learning more about The Engine 2 Diet–you can find all the information online.  You can even watch Rip’s videos and download and print off three weeks of meal plans and grocery lists.  The grocery list was a huge time saver for me this week!

If you’re even remotely interested in a plant based diet this is a great way to start!  

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