Vegan Challenge

Vegan Challenge: Week One

Today is the beginning of week two.  I weighed this morning….and the results?  I lost a big, fat ZERO pounds lost.  Seriously.  None.  I had lost about a pound as of yesterday but apparently the salt that I ate yesterday (chips) and the dark chocolate chips have put that pound back on!  I was so disappointed.  Technically my weigh in day isn’t until tomorrow so perhaps I’ll be down a little then.  I have read that when you start eating vegan that it takes a few weeks for your body to get adjusted and that on week three you will really start to see the difference.  And I am down a total of 6.6 pounds since January 1 so I’ve already reached my first goal of the year!

I do feel smaller.  I have been doing more weight training the last two weeks than I normally do (because I have this fear that when I get to my goal I’m going to have a lot of saggy skin!) so I’m sure I’m building muscle.  In fact, I’m planning to buy some heavier hand weights to have at home because my 6.6 pounders are not heavy enough anymore.  

I’ll update on my baseline info:

  • I am starting today 32 pounds lighter than my all time high from last January.  I’m not sharing my actual weight (sorry to disappoint!) but I will share how much I have lost at the end of the month!  No change in my weight YET but I know it’s coming. 
  • My hair is thick but I lose a lot each time I shampoo.  It seems like a lot to me anyway.  It’s doesn’t feel dry at all but it looks dry and stringy despite using conditioner every time I use shampoo.  I’m going to switch back to baking soda and apple cider vinegar as soon as my current bottle of shampoo and conditioner is empty!  My hair is about the same but I just realized when I read this that I haven’t been pulling as much out when I shampoo.  
  • I have crazy mood swings.  Ca-ra-zy!  I wonder if food affects that.  Currently I have an adult temper tantrum about once a day.  Don’t tell me you don’t have adult temper tantrums!  Hmmm…still having some mood swings almost on a daily basis.     
  • My skin is really dry in the winter.  It’s been better this year than most (I haven’t had any painful areas on my skin as I sometimes do) but I’ve noticed the last two weeks that my face is super dry and my fingers have skin cracks.   Skin cracks on my hands are gone, face is not dry at all, skin on arms is pretty dry.  
  • I have a couple acne type bumps on my chin.  Bumps are almost gone and skin on forehead is clearer and not as oily. 
  • I’ve had a runny nose for over a month.  Still.   
  • I’m tired a lot.  Working night shift doesn’t help of course but even so, I sleep a lot.  I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and I usually fall asleep on the couch at night before 10pm.  Have been able to stay awake for long periods of time (even after working night shift) without crashing on the couch for a nap!  Definitely notice a difference on this one!!! 
  • My digestive system can be a hot mess.  I have had trouble with my stomach for as long as I can remember (and even saw a doctor about it during college who chalked it up to “stress” and told me to lactose tablets in case I was lactose intolerant).  I’m not “regular” and have a lot of bouts of stomach aches.  (I haven’t had any bad ones since I stopped eating pork and beef a month ago though.)  NO stomach aches, no upset stomachs, no stomach issues at all this week!  
  • My cholesterol at my last check (last April) was good but my HDL was too low.  I’m going to try to find a family doctor in March so I can get a recheck on that.  Gotta make a doctor’s appointment for March…  
And so week two begins.  I’m pushing on, learning new things everyday and so far loving the plant-strong lifestyle!  
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