Vegan Challenge

Vegan Challenge: Day 10

Big glass of Simply Orange juice (not hungry at all)

Light exercise with the Wii Fit

Leftover chili mac with blue corn chips
1 cup of grapes

a handful of pistachios and a few sunflower seeds
a few of those darn pita chips (which thankfully are almost gone)
a few chocolate chips

Yeah…I was grazing! 

Macaroni noodles with (clean and vegan!) marinara sauce
Large spinach salad with onions, broccoli, walnuts, cranberries and balsamic dressing
25 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered espresso beans (thank you to my BFF for introducing me to these delicious things)

Snack (at 1AM at work)
Large Incredible Hulk size handful of peanuts
Unsweet tea

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