Vegan Challenge

Vegan Challenge Day 16 (Monday)

Can we just forget this day?  No?  Okay.   Eek!

2AM @ work
Oats with banana and some walnuts
2 ounces of BBQ potato chips–I successfully avoided the SuperBowl party that was going on for some of the patients at work but succumbed to the bag of chips left behind in the break room

Leftover cheese quesadilla–obviously NOT vegan!  I had a crappy night at work and when I got home and saw the leftover quesadilla in the fridge I devoured it.

Napped from 8-11:30

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich
Trader Joe’s veggie and flax seed chips (they sound gross but they are SO good and are a great substitute for Doritos)

Gym for three hours.  I ran on the treadmill, then took a strengthening class and then my weekly “weight loss” class where we did more cardio and strength training.

apple–that was the plan anyway.  I took it to the gym to eat between classes.  Took one bite and it was mushy—blech!

Chili mac (from the freezer)
A few chips

Peanut butter mixed with some cocoa powder and a little honey

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