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Vegan Chocolate Pudding

Yes, there really is such a thing.  I was a little skeptical of this recipe.  I took it to a friend’s house for dessert one night and surprisingly most of the kids ate it without anyone questioning it at all!  And all the adults agreed that it tasted like regular chocolate pudding.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding
1 pkg Silken tofu
2-4 tbsp Cocoa powder
1/3 cup agave nectar, maple syrup or honey

I tried following the recipe and it just wasn’t “chocolatey” enough.  So I added more cocoa.  And then more honey.  And then more cocoa.  Finally I got it to taste like a rich chocolate pudding. So rich in fact, that I ended up buying vanilla wafers and serving it more as a “dip”.

Basically you throw all those ingredients in your blender or food processor and mix it up, tasting along the way until you get it like you want it.  Put it in the fridge for an hour or so until it’s good and cold and serve with strawberries!

You really could trick someone into eating tofu this way.  And the cool thing about tofu is that is soaks up flavors so if you eat it the next day it will taste even better!

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