First Double Digit Run (TEN FRIGGIN’ MILES BABY!)

I was dreading this weekend.  I knew that I had to start getting some longer runs in since the half is staring me in the face in just three short weeks.  My long run last weekend was 8 miles so I wanted to step it up a notch and get in a 10 miler.  My plan was to do it on Saturday but they were calling for rain (it finally arrived late last night) so I stayed inside and did some strength training instead.

That meant that I was going to have to do it today.  And I almost didn’t.  We all slept in LATE this morning.  I don’t know if I should be embarrassed that we slept so late or if I should be bragging at how wonderful my children are that the let us sleep in that late!  Let’s just say by the time I got up and dressed it was more feasible to go ahead and eat lunch than to even worry with breakfast!

I ate an egg, two pieces of turkey bacon and some bread (and a bite of cake).  I usually don’t eat any of that for breakfast…usually I have oatmeal.  I was out the door about a half hour later.  That was mistake number one.  I really should have waited longer after eating but I was anxious to get going.

The first four miles went pretty easy.  We have a new road opening up in our subdivision and there is a nice sidewalk there.  I enjoyed those first four miles.  At mile five I stopped at the park and got some water.  The next few miles were slow.  I tried to eat some energy beans at mile 5 but I’m finding that I’m just not into eating while running.  I should have brought a Gu with me instead but I really wanted to try the beans instead.  Maybe I need to try some mini-Snickers bars!  I’ve never in my life turned down a Snickers bar!

I planned a trip back around to the park for more water at mile 8 and I walked almost the entire mile.  I had purposefully avoided our street the entire time because I knew if I went down it that I would want to stop and quit!

I picked up my pace again after mile 9 and finished 10 miles just as my house came into sight!  It was quite a feeling of accomplishment.

My splits:
Mile 1:   11:25
Mile 2:   12:27
Mile 3:   13:13
Mile 4:  12:49
Mile 5:  12:58
Mile 6:  13:37
Mile 7:  12:58
Mile 8:  14:07
Mile 9:  13:57
Mile 10: 11:50
Average pace: 12:56 min/mile
Calories burned:  1432 (HOLY MOLEY!)

I finished 10 miles in 2 hours, 9 minutes, 30 seconds.  Which means that my goal of finishing the half in less than 3:30 is totally within reach and my (secret) goal of finishing in less than 3 hours is actually a possibility.

 Me and my nice ruddy glow!  Please ignore my poor neglected eyebrows. Wow…need to get those things tamed soon! 

Only THREE more weeks until 13.1!  I’m getting excitedly nervous!

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