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Bright Night 5K

I love a good race and it’s even better when it’s for a good cause. Bright Night is in memory of Emily Bright who was a local woman who died of ovarian cancer at the age of 30 in 2007. The race is a twilight race starting each year at 7:30pm and the goal is to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer.

Aaron and I were really excited about this race. He has been running several times a week and was hoping to run it in less than 34 minutes. I was just wanting less than 36. I didn’t care if it was 35:59 as long as it wasn’t 36 something!

We got there super early so we could get a good parking space. The race is sponsored by Moe’s (yum!) and started and ended just outside the restaurant. After picking up our bibs, shirts and shoe chips we headed to the Moe’s patio to wait for some friends. I had several friends running this race and a few of them were doing their very first 5k.

Me and my hubby–never thought date night would consist of running 3.1 miles!
Me and my cousin, Carrie

We hung out for awhile and finally headed to the start at 7:15. Aaron had a plan to run for 10 minutes, walk for 90 seconds, then run 10 again and so forth. I told him I would just do whatever he did!

At 7:30 we were off. We ran the first mile in a little over 10 minutes then stopped for water and a walk break. Then we ran again to the 2 mile mark and walked again. I told him we needed to kick it up a notch and run the last mile fast. He said he was going to stick to his same pace and stick to his plan. I was feeling really good though so I took off.

I kept looking back and could see him so I knew he was only about a minute behind me. I ran really fast for the last mile. I took two walk breaks for about 20 seconds each time. My iPhone app, as usual, was way off and I had no idea what my time was and how far I had run.

When I got to the finish line I saw 34 something on the clock. I had done it! I grabbed some water and waited for Aaron. He crossed the finish about a minute after I did.

Sweaty and red faced!

They had bananas and oranges (I had an orange) and water and gatorade. We waited to see a few more friends cross the finish and then we headed to Moe’s for supper. I had a ginormous burrito!

Yum!  I only ate half of that burrito.  I think it weighed about 4 pounds!  

We hung out with some friends while we ate. They had live music on the patio and I was really impressed with the girl and guy performing! We watched the awards ceremony and after checking for our final results (34:35 for me, 35:37 for Aaron) we headed home.

Aaron’s redder than me for once! 
Me, Lisa and Maureen (two of my Champ Camp buddies)

I loved this race. It was well organized, the t-shirts are cute (and they are dri-balance fabric), it was a great course and it was for a great cause. We will definitely be doing this one again!

Next up for me is the Hampton Hustle (another great cause) in June and Aaron and I will both be doing the Beaufort Road Race in July. I’m hoping for a sub-30 race by the end of the year!

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