January is right around the corner.  Seriously…can you believe that in a month Christmas will just be a memory and we will be a week into 2013?  How did that happen?!

I’ve been planning out my race calendar and I have been thinking about goals for the new year and I found some super cute FREE goal planning printables.  

The links to these can be found at Design Finch.
This cute weight chart can be found at Learn Create Love.
And if you don’t use an app for this (although I highly recommend that you do) here is a cute daily food log printable from The Project Girl
And here is another great goal planning sheet also from The Project Girl.  
Although I really adore all of these printables none of them completely meet my needs so I have created my own. I kept it simple.  It is just a list with my mileage goal, weight loss goal, race goal and my food log goal (i.e. did I or did I not log my foods every day).  I’ll have specialized goals for each month but those are the basic ones that I’ll be working on every month.  
Have you started thinking about your goals for next year?  
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