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Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K Race Report

Today was the Runs for Cookies Virtual 5K. I wanted to do a race this month but I couldn’t find one nearby and I knew I would be impossible to get off work for a Saturday race. So when Katie posted about the plans for her virtual 5k I decided that would be my January race. I love Katie’s blog. She has lost 125 pounds through healthy eating and running and is such an inspiration to so many people. This race was to celebrate her 31st birthday.

I have been doing most of my running lately on a treadmill at the gym because I do not like the cold! I’m one of those weirdos who enjoys getting out to run in the heat. When I saw the weather report for today (it is sleeting as I write this) I knew the treadmill was the place for me.

I got the girls up and ready and promised them we would swim after I finished my “race.” I ate a whole wheat English muffin with a little peanut butter and strawberry preserves on it. When we got to the gym I had so much to carry in that I forgot my water bottle. It was too cold to run back out for it do I decided to go without it. Big mistake!  I get serious cotton mouth while running.  Even on short runs I have to stop at the park water fountain or bring water along with me and I always bring my water bottle to the gym.

We got to the gym around 10:00 and I dropped the girls off at the childcare center, put my stuff in a locker, weighed myself (two more pounds down!) and settled in on my favorite treadmill. I had just started my run when a nice older gentleman got on the mill beside me. He tried to make small talk and I tried to be nice.

I ran the first mile in 11:35 (5.2 mph). I took a break to walk for a minute and then ran again. I stayed at around 5.5mph and occasionally went up to 6mph. I hoped to finish in less than 35 minutes but after stopping for a bit due to my neck pain (it came back…blah) I just couldn’t do it.

Close but no cigar (or cookie in this case!).

After I finished I got so nauseated.  I felt like I was going to pass out.  I considered just stopping and going to sit down on the floor in the stretching area but decided to just keep walking at a really slow pace.  I don’t know why I had such a hard time today.  My endurance has really taken a hit since I was sick for six weeks!  

After I finished running, the girls and I went swimming for about an hour. I shared a EAS Carb Control protein shake (French vanilla flavor) with Layla in the locker room. I don’t drink them often–usually when I am at the gym and I am not going home right away. Layla always steals about half of it from me!

This is after swimming for an hour…still red faced!

It was a great day. I am so grateful to Katie for all that she shares on her blog. She is so inspiring and encouraging. Maybe one day I can be like her! Happy birthday Katie!

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