Kareem Abdul Ja-Mama

Yesterday I was all dressed and ready to meet Amber for a training session.  Madalyn asked me to play basketball with her while I was waiting on my hubby to get home.  I decided to teach her how to pass, dribble and do a layup.  We were working on layup skills when Aaron pulled into the driveway.  I went up for one last layup and then….I fell.

If you remember, I fell back on New Year’s Day too.  I’m not what you would call “graceful.”  But this fall was bad.  Like, really bad.  I twisted my ankle and then laid on the ground and cried in pain for about five minutes.  I wanted to throw up it hurt so badly.  I was finally able to move inside and prop it up on the ottoman with an ice pack (well, frozen peas) on it.

I actually gave thought to going and getting it x-rayed but decided to wait it out and see how it felt today.  Some dear friends lent me some crutches (and even brought them to me!) and I was able to hobble around the house a bit with those last night.

This morning I woke up with it so stiff I could not bear weight on it AT ALL.  I was able to take a shower on one leg and then sat down and scooted myself down the stairs.  Madalyn helped me wrap it with an ace bandage and I wore that for most of the day.  We had a lot of errands to run today so I was stuck using the crutches all day long.

The girls were so helpful today.  They picked things up for me.  Pushed the grocery cart for me.  Carried the groceries in and put them away.  Seriously…maybe I need to sprain my ankle more often.  Ha!  

I unwrapped it this evening and it is swollen up like a tennis ball on the outer aspect.  I’m hoping by tomorrow that the swelling will be down and I’ll be able to walk without the crutches.  I have to work tomorrow night and we have some long hallways to our patient’s rooms!  I’m actually giving thought to going to the gym to use the arm bicycle thingy so I can get some cardio in and then getting in the pool.  I refuse to let this set me back!  I have a race in a week…ain’t nobody got time for dis!

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2 thoughts on “Kareem Abdul Ja-Mama

  1. I know this a year old but oh well I’ll comment anyways. Owie… yours sounds as dramatic as mine was. Just the other day I stepped in a hole in our drive way and rolled my ankle, it made a sickly pop and I slammed knees first on the concrete(wearing shorts on top of it). Oh my it hurt so flippin BAD I cried like a baby my 19 yo son had to cradle carry me into the house it was embarrassing.

    1. It was over a year ago…but I still remember the pain! OUCH. It’s amazing how badly a sprain can hurt. I’ve heard that a break doesn’t hurt as much as a sprain!

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