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2013 Habitat Home 5K Race Report

I had been looking forward to the race for awhile.  It was my first official race of the year (since I had to cancel out on the Cupid Crawl due to my sprained ankle) and Aaron was also running it along with my workout buddy, Kathleen.  Aaron and I did this race last year and enjoyed it. It’s a smaller race and it runs through our neighborhood.

I went in with no expectations and only one goal:  beat last year’s time.  Last year I finished just ahead of Aaron at 36:41 so I figured a 36:40 this year would make me happy.  I was not going to be disappointed if I couldn’t beat my last year’s time though because it was COLD this morning.  I have never ran outside in weather colder than 50 degrees and it was in the mid-30’s this morning.

Me and my hubs

We waited to register until right before the race.  It didn’t seem like there were very many people there.  I think the weather kept some away.  After we registered we walked a little to keep warm.  I stopped at the porta potty and we dropped our gloves off at the van before heading to the start line.  Kathleen was up front because she’s super fast and had a great chance at placing overall or in her age group.  Aaron and I got in the middle.  There were a bunch of kids participating–a local elementary school has a running group and they had a huge showing today.  And they had some fast kids too!

Bundled up!

The siren went off to signal the start and we were off.  Aaron and I agreed not to keep up with each other and to run our own race.  I figured we’d finish close together even if we didn’t stay right beside each other.

Aaron–I made him do the Monica “Run, Eat, Repeat” pose.

The first mile went well.  I forgot to set my Nike app so I had no clue what my time was.  I got a little behind Aaron but at 1.5 miles I flew past him and got to the water station first.  We both got stalled in the water station because the runners in front of me completely stopped and the volunteers were slow in handing out the water.

We got going again and then my neck started throbbing.  I haven’t had to deal with this neck pain in a long time and I was hoping I was “cured” of it but it came back today.  It forced me to walk just before the two mile mark.  Aaron kept running and I figured that was it…I’d never catch him.  I kept my eye on him (thank goodness for his bright orange shoes!) and when I saw that he had stopped I sprinted ahead to catch up to him.  We ran again until I had to stop because of my neck pain with about half a mile to go.

Aaron got ahead of me and I told him to go on because I couldn’t keep up.  A lady came up next to me and told me to “beat him!”  I told her he had never beaten me before but I didn’t think I could catch up with him today!  I tried to sprint to the end but just couldn’t catch him.  I kept thinking if he would just stop and walk one more time then I could pass him!

Me and Mr. Beast

He crossed just ahead of me with an official time of 33:00.  I ended up with an official time of 33:21.  A new PR!  Woo hoo!


Kathleen killed it today.  She is so fast…I’m just in awe.  Her first race post-baby, still breastfeeding and she placed as the second female overall with a time of 22:33.  She had time to go home and get the baby and come back before we even crossed the finish line!  LOL!

Post-race food included Krispy Kreme (I actually passed on that), oranges, bananas and Sheetz provided turkey and ham croissants (I had a ham…it was good but not worth the 500 calories that I later found out that it had!).

I am so excited to have a new PR that I really wasn’t expecting.  Honestly, if Aaron hadn’t been ahead of me I probably wouldn’t have.  I didn’t want to lose sight of him and even though I really wanted to walk I kept going.  33:21 makes me think that a sub-30 is possible one day!

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  1. Hey there! I saw you posted about this for Motivational Monday on Facebook. I’d love to include a link to this race report on tonight’s blog post–do you mind if I include one of your pics, also? 🙂

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