Bunny Chase 2013: My Kids’ First Race

I was really excited about my girls running in their first races last Saturday.  This was the first year for the Bunny Chase in our hometown.  There was a 5K, a 1 mile fun run/walk and a kid’s dash.  Although the 1 mile and kid’s dash were not going to be timed I thought it would be a fun way for them to experience a race for themselves (and there was an Easter egg hunt afterwards that I knew they would enjoy).

My friend, Kathleen, and her girls were also signed up to race.  Our four oldest girls were going to do the 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk and Layla (my three year old) was going to do the Kid’s Dash.  Annagrace (my 11 year old) was really excited about the race.  She has been doing some treadmill running during her PE class and consistently runs a 10 minute mile.  She didn’t want to do the race once she found out it wasn’t timed but we convinced her when we told her we could time her ourselves.

The 5Kers were off a little after 8 AM and then the 1 mile runners were lined up.  There were less than 10 mile runners participating.  They were instructed on the layout of the course and were off around 8:15.  Kathleen decided to run it with the girls to keep them on track and motivated.  Annagrace took off really fast.  I was so proud of her and so impressed with how fast she was!

Then it was all downhill (literally and figuratively) from there.  The course was not well marked at all.  Even though it ran through the Town Commons area (a riverside park) there are multiple trails.  They had been told to follow the orange flags however there were orange flags everywhere because this was also the end portion of the 5K race.

All the runners (even the adults) ended up missing their turns.  I tried to tell Annagrace to turn around but everyone had followed her so they all missed their turns.  Their one mile race turned into a half a mile race.  Annagrace was so disappointed. Like, big tears disappointed. I felt so badly for her.  Kathleen talked to the race organizer and asked about getting a free race entry into another race because of how poorly the course was marked.  He said she could enter one in October for free.  Kathleen and Annagrace decided to do the course again alone but even on the second try they still missed the turn (that is how poorly it was marked!).

Annagrace running fast!
We settled in by the river and waited to see the 5Kers finish.  It was all kind of disappointing.  There was no crowd support for the runners at all.  No one was handing out water (it was all just sitting there–still in the packaging–and runners had to get it themselves).  It was all just a little bit lame.  I would have been very disappointed if I had been running the 5K.

After the last 5Ker came over the line they lined up the little kids for the Kid’s Dash.  Even though our older girls had not signed up for it we let them run it.  We figured we might as well get our money’s worth after the disappointing one mile run.  The girls loved the Kid’s Dash.

Madalyn ran the entire way and was so proud of herself when she finished.

I was worried that Layla may not finish.  Heck I was worried that she may not even start!  But she came running across flashing her dimples the entire time.  She hugged her friends at the finish line and they all gave each other high fives.

Pre.  CIOUS.

Miss Dimples runs it in (Kathleen and baby A are in the background!)

After the races were finished Texas Steakhouse showed up with food and they offered it to everyone present (not just the runners).  They had barbecue chicken and yeast rolls (I may or may not have had two of them). The kids were then set free to “hunt” eggs.

The race was for a great cause (Angels n’ Camo) and I’m glad we could support them.  The kids had a great time so I guess that is what is most important!  
Do your kids ever participate in races?  I’m hoping my kids will start running more with me and Aaron and I’d love to see Annagrace do a 5k by the end of the year! 
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  1. I just started getting interested in running, and have not ran a race yet. My 3 year old loves to run around and I was just talking about how fun it would be to do a fun run/walk with her at some point!

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