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Flying Pirate 2013 Race Report

Whew!  I am tired this morning after a tough race yesterday!  I finished my second half marathon–my first being the Flying Pirate 2012. Somehow I convinced my hubby to run this one with me (stay tuned for a guest post with his take on this adventure on the blog tomorrow).  I was so excited to have someone to run with.  All my friends are too fast for me but Aaron and I are a good slow pair.

The Flying Pirate Half Marathon is in the Outer Banks (which is about three hours from us) and the girls were staying with my parents so we dropped them off on the way.  We left home around 9:30 a.m. and we arrived in the OBX on Saturday around 3pm and stopped by the Expo to pick up our bibs and our swag bags.  I loved the stuff in the swag bags this year and I really like the t-shirt!

Reuseable bag, t-shirt, cup and glass tumbler

We checked into our hotel (two big thumbs up to Outer Banks Inn–we highly recommend them!) and after unpacking and resting for a bit we headed out for supper.  A friend recommended Mama Kwan’s fish tacos so we went there and gave them a try.  I don’t usually eat fish but I wanted to be adventurous.  I also wanted something light, not spicy and not fried!  They were really good!  I’m still not a fish person but I would eat them again.  That lime sour cream is worth every single calorie!  I finished up two tacos and Aaron ate the other two and then I finished it off with a piece of coconut cream cake that was to die for.  Carb loading at it’s finest!

We took a quick walk down to the beach (it was cold and the wind was blowing but I had to at least put my feet in the sand!) and then headed back to our hotel to get to bed early.

Aaron and I were both elated when we saw the forecast for Sunday.

Much better than the rain from last year.  It was suppose to be chilly in the morning and I knew I would need a shirt to keep me warm until the race started so I picked up that green long sleeve t-shirt in the photo above for 99 cents at the thrift store (which I discarded beside the race course right before we started).

I am always a little paranoid about not hearing my alarm so I set three alarms to go off.  Aaron also set his alarm.  I actually debated setting the room alarm clock (can you say, OCD?).  In the end I woke up at 4:25 (I have this uncanny ability to wake up just before my alarm no matter what time it is set for!).

I had planned to eat oatmeal with a little peanut butter for breakfast.  I made it with water because I didn’t realize that the complimentary breakfast bar opened early.  We were told it would start at 6:30 but they put it out early for the runners.  Had I known this I would have made my oatmeal with milk.  But I didn’t, so I made it with water.  I have one word for that.


I can not stand oatmeal made with water!  It was so gross.  I forced down about three bites and then decided to just eat half of the Power Bar that we got in our swag bag.  I drank a bottle of water and on the way out the door I grabbed another bottle of water and a half a glass of orange juice.  I really wished I had known about the breakfast downstairs because their bagels looked so good!

We got to the finish line parking lot at 5:30 and hopped on the second bus in line.  Once we got to the start line we hit up the port-a-potties and then waited around to line up.  We were in Corral C (there were four corrals for this race so that put us near the back).

We started at about 7:05.  The first five miles felt amazing!  Seriously…it felt awesome.  I was pushing Aaron a little bit with our pace (about a 10-10:30) and after a few walk breaks we ended up hitting the five mile split at 58 minutes.  The spectators were great.  Some even handed out gummy bears and several of the Methodist Church members stood on the porch and encouraged us.

At mile 7 my right foot starting hurting.  It felt like my sock was rubbing it the wrong way.  I tried re-adjusting my sock and that didn’t do any good.  By the time we hit 8 miles I was hobbling and ended up having to stop and put some biofreeze on the bottom of my foot.  That did absolutely no good at all.  It hurt so badly!  It hurt last week on our 10 miler too but I figured it was from the KT tape I had wrapped around it.

The next five miles absolutely sucked.  I could only stand to run for very short periods of time.  I hoped that once we hit the dirt trail into the woods that the softer surface would feel good on my feet.  Ummm…no.  It didn’t.  I tried my best to run down the hills but I really slowed us down after mile 8.  At mile 11, I got very nauseated.  I think it was from drinking too much water and eating too many Shot Bloks.

I had hoped to PR by a good bit and was aiming for a 2:40-2:45 finish.  I finally decided to give up on the time goal and just concentrate on finishing the blessed thing.

Pretty soon we reached mile 12 and then the uphill ascent into the woods started.  There are some pretty steep hills on that trail.  I had forgotten just how hilly that thing is at the end!  We walked, well, climbed a good bit of that last mile.  Finally the clearing came and the finish was at the bottom of the hill.  We ran it in and heard our names announced twice.  I loved finishing with Aaron and hearing them say our names together.    

I’m still awaiting on my official chip time but I know that I just eeeked out a PR.  By eeeked out I mean by a mere minute and some change.  My gun time was 2:53:18 (last year my chip time was 2:54:04)–once I get the official chip time I’ll post that.  Not too bad for doing it on a sore foot!

After crossing the finish I immediately removed my shoes and lathered up my foot with vaseline at the aide station.  I have a calloused looking area with a dry “split” on the ball of my foot–it isn’t an open wound but it sure does hurt!  Next time I will remember to coat my feet with vaseline before and I’m going to invest in some different socks.

Flying Pirate conquered!
Look how dirty I was after that trail run!

 I grabbed an egg and cheese biscuit (it was gross) and a packaged/processed muffin (again gross).  I didn’t eat much of either.  My one and only complaint was about the food.  You would think with all the awesome restaurants there and the fact that we paid so much for the entry that the after race food would be better.  The 5K race food is better for Greenville races.  Ahh, the fat girl in my digresses.  We saw a few minutes of the awards ceremony and I was ready to go.  My nausea finally subsided when we got back to the hotel.

We showered, packed up and headed out for Mexican food with a friend who had also ran the race, his parents, and some other mutual friends of ours.  I may have splurged on this:

Yummmm…strawberry daiquiri.  

We had a great race weekend.  I’m so proud of my hubster for finishing his first half marathon (he even said something after the race about “next time we do this”).  It was a fun weekend.  I can’t wait to see our cheesy race photos.  We had our photo taken at least three times on the course and I’m pretty sure we were making faces in at least two of them!

 So I’m going to have Aaron share a little about his first half marathon experience tomorrow. Should I start calling him Simply Healthy Daddy?  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Flying Pirate 2013 Race Report

    1. It starts in Kitty Hawk on the Woods Road, goes along the Sound and then goes up and around the memorial. Then it heads into Nags Head Woods and a little over 12 miles you turn left and go through a trail that goes up and over a hill and you end up behind the YMCA in Nags Head!

      It’s a great race! We’ll be back in the OBX in July! I feel like I grew up at the beach because we went so much when I was a child. I have salt water flowing through my veins…

  1. Found your blog today through Skinny Meg….Reading about your race stories (I’m mid way through C25K)…what’s the belt you’re wearing? Does it hold your iPhone? I’m looking for something similar.

    1. Awesome Kerry! It is a Nathan Shadowpak. It is big enough to hold my iPhone, some chapstick, and a couple packs of Gu or a pack of Shotbloks. I usually wear my iPhone on my arm because I use it for music and my GPS but I have put my phone in the belt before and it works great!

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