Half Marathon Packing List (Take 2)

I blogged about my race packing list last year and only a few things have changed this year.  Luckily the weather is suppose to be amazing so I won’t have to bring a visor or a poncho this year (holla!).  I don’t have a photo this year but this is what is in my bag:

1.  Purple tank top from Old Navy (like this one but it’s purple)

2.  Moving Comfort Juno sports bra in purple (hands down the BEST bra for the well endowed).
3.  Compression capris from Old Navy

4.  Brooks Pure Flow 2 in black and gray

5.  Shot Bloks in strawberry and black cherry (enough for both Aaron and I)

6.  Nathan Shadow Pak

7.  Chapstick
8.  Headphones
9.  iPhone arm thingy
10.  Medications and first aid stuff just in case (alka seltzer, tylenol, ibuprofen, imodium, bandaids)
11.  Body glide (for Aaron)
12.  Socks
13.  Sweaty Band (like this one but purple instead of blue)

And….I think we’re ready!  Can’t wait to post a race report!  Have a great weekend!

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