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Hamstring Hustle 5K Race Report: 2013

I had no intentions of running another 5k this weekend.  Then I casually mentioned a race during a chance meeting with my friend Maureen and her daughter Kathleen at Kohls and somehow ended up running it with them this morning!  I had not committed to it until about 9pm the night before but I decided to take advantage of my rare Friday night off and just go ahead and do it.  My neighbors and friends, Kathleen and Sarah, both ran it too.

The Hamstring Hustle has been around for 19 years now but it was still a very small race.  It is sponsored by the Brody School of Medicine (med students) and ended up being a fairly small race with only 73 registered runners.  I saw a couple familiar faces from other races (including the big black fella that always seems to be just ahead or just behind me–today he was behind me and stayed there!).  Maureen looked around at the start and commented that there was not an ounce of body fat anywhere in the crowd!  It was a very athletic looking bunch of runners!

I had ran this course in a race last year so I was familiar with it.  It’s a great flat course and it is the one that I am hoping to do in less than 30 minutes in May (that may be stretching it but I’m going to try my darndest).

Anyway…we lined up at 9 and were off.  Kathleen and Sarah were in the front of the crowd because they are Kenyan fast white girls.  I ended up breaking away from everyone and pretty much stayed on my own for the entire race.  I ran the first 1 1/2 miles with no walk breaks and according to my Nike app had a pretty quick pace at a little over 9 minutes.  I had to walk a couple of times–once for my neck and a couple times to get my breathing under control.

There were no water stops  and I was dying for something to drink!  I kept hoping I’d see a water station but….nope.

Right before the finish line I saw Madalyn, Kathleen and Sarah, and Kathleen’s girls cheering me on.  I saw that the clock was really close to 33 minutes and I wanted a new PR!  I ran to the finish and my official time was 33:06!  A new PR just two weeks after my last PR!  Woot woot!

I wasn’t all that impressed with the after race stuff.  They had bagels and some oranges and bananas but it wasn’t very much.  The water wasn’t in bottles–you had to use little cups (like those little “bathroom” cups).  It wasn’t my favorite post race food and really, isn’t the food the best part of racing?  The awards ceremony went quickly as they only gave out awards to the top male and female in each age group.  Sarah rocked it OUT and won her age group!  Kathleen just missed it but about 20 seconds.  I’m telling you…those white girls are fast.

I did really like the race shirt though and it is a tech shirt…sweet!

And the sweetest part is that this course is a little longer than a 5K…even if the race volunteer denied it.  Kathleen was told that it might be longer depending on “how you cut the corners and cross the street” however it is the same course as Bright Night.  And according to the race course map for that race the course is over 3.1 miles.  Long story short–I probably did closer to a 32:30 which makes me super happy!  Getting closer to that sub-30!

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