Advocare 10 Day Cleanse, Weight Loss

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Results

Yesterday was the end of my 10 Day Advocare Cleanse.  My intentions for this cleanse were to break my sugar addiction.  It was getting bad.  I was wanting sugar all the time and was treating myself way too much.  Although I didn’t do it for weight loss I had noticed that my weight loss had stalled and I just couldn’t seem to see any number under 188 on the scale.  The weekend before the cleanse was Mother’s Day and my weight popped back up to 191.2.  

I’ll be honest–I didn’t stick to it 100%.  I just could not get past the gagging while trying to get the fiber drink down.  The texture was awful.  I don’t even like to swallow liquid medicine so getting that down was torture.  I think I only did it like 2 1/2 days.

I followed a really clean diet about 90% of the time.  I had a few treats here and there and usually when I did I felt awful afterwards.  Amazing how quickly your body gets used to not eating sugar.  I have been wanting to snack the last few days but I haven’t wanted sweet stuff.

Here’s a quick overview of the last 10 days:

Day 1:  I felt nauseated in the morning but it was a pretty good day. 
Day 2:  I had a horrible headache all day long.  I don’t drink coffee or soda so it wasn’t from lack of caffeine.   I’m guessing it was the lack of sugar. 
Days 3-5:  I felt great and was getting used to avoiding sugar and bread.  I was pretty good about eating clean with only a few extra bites here and there. 
Days 6-10:  I didn’t take the fiber drink the last three days.  Shameful, I know.  I had a pretty easy time turning down sugary or carb loaded foods.  I had a pretzel on day 9 and a McDonald’s ice cream cone on Day 10 and felt the tummy rumbles after both of those.  
Overall, I felt great after day 2.  The sugar cravings are not nearly as bad as they were.  My lady friend came to visit on day 3 and I typically have at least one day where I can’t stop eating all day long.  I didn’t have that this time and I didn’t gain the usual 3 pounds of fluid.  
My skin looks pretty good thanks to the gallon of water I am drinking daily.  Usually I have a lot of hormonal breakouts and I didn’t have any this month.  I haven’t had too many stomach issues other than a couple days where I went to the bathroom more than normal.  I am pretty sure I had a UTI that started on Day 3.  I took some antibiotics to get that under control and the symptoms went away.  I’m not sure how that may have affected my results. 
So…here are the numbers.    
Starting weight:  191.2 
Ending weight:  187.8
Weight Loss Total:  3.4 pounds

My weight loss was pretty significant right away–I lost five pounds in the first four days!  It crept back up because of some poor eating choices the last couple of days.  I actually saw 185.6 on the scale one day last week!
I’m not sure I would do a complete cleanse again because I’d be wasting my money with that fiber drink.  Call me a baby but I can’t drink it.  I’m planning to stick with the clean eating and will keep drinking a gallon of water every day.  I’m also going to continue taking probiotics and I am going to try hard to take a multivitamin each day.  I’m horrible at swallowing pills too so I have chewable probiotics and gummy vitamins.  Again, call me a baby.  I don’t care.  Ask my mom about what happens when you try to force me to take medicine.  It’s bad.  Really, really bad.  
Have you ever tried a cleanse like this?  What kind of results did you have?       
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14 thoughts on “Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Results

  1. Great job! I am down 4.4 after my 10 days. First day of the next 14 started today! 🙂 I have had some treats too which is really disheartening that I can’t even stick to a 10 day cleanse! But I was able to get the fiber drink down.

  2. i have an easier time swallowing medicine (ok this was more back for when i was younger-but it still helps me out on occaison) if i take it with something flavored. i think im afraid of tasting the medicine? so like a small glass of juice or crystal light. im still not able to take more than 1 pill at a time though.
    congrats on making it through the 10 days, evne if there was an ice cream incident 🙂

  3. I have done the 24 day cleanse with Advocare and had amazing results. I have yet to try it again because it was so difficult- it was almost like a spiritual fast and super emotional and mentally challenging. I attached the results of my 24 day cleanse with before and after pics and weightloss. I am planning to try it again this summer. The only way I got the Fiber drink down was mixing it with Spark and adding more water to it so that it wasn’t so thick!! I drank it knowing my life depended on it! 🙂 I love reading your blog and thank you for sharing it. Oh, I forgot to add that I did a 10 day cleanse this month too and wasn’t faithful on 3 days (I added some sugar) but I still lost 5 pounds- think if I would have stuck with it and not cheated?! It really is about the strength of your mind over your feelings/emotions. And I’m such an emotional girl!!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I need to try it again and try harder to suck down that fiber drink! Blech! I can definitely tell a difference in your before and after photos! That’s awesome! Weight loss is such a mental thing, isn’t it? Like you’s almost a spiritual thing too.

      Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog!

    2. Laura, If you decide to do another Advocare cleanse, be sure to do the Peaches and Cream flavor fiber drink (rather than the citrus). It made the difference in me trying to get it down. Also, don’t let it sit at all. After you mix it up, guzzle it down if you can (the texture won’t be as bad as it won’t have time to thicken). If this still doesn’t work, you can mix it with about 3 oz of water, let it sit and eat it with a spoon (tastes just like applesauce). I hope this helps. These are my tricks that have helped me stick to the fiber drinks. The worst part of the entire cleanse for me is the intense headaches the first few days. Ugh! Best wishes to you!

  4. I just started my 3rd Advocare cleanse today! You can check out my blog here: myadvocare24daychallenge dot blogspot dot com . I hated the fiber drink too! The only way I can get it down is to mix a glass of spark and then as quickly as I can, pour the fiber drink in, a few stirs, and down it as fast as possible! I’m a HUGE texture person…ugh!
    Anyway, I just stumbled across your blog b/c I’m hungry and was looking for ideas for cleanse friendly snacks. 🙂 Wish me luck!

  5. Mix the fiber drink with 10 oz’s of water and a packet of Spark and it’ll go down much easier. The key is to not stop drinking it once you start. The longer it sits the thicker it gets and it’s 10x more awful to drink 🙂

  6. I mix my fiber drink with water and a tiny bit of crushed ice in a magic bullet…. It’s not bad AT ALL!!! (maybe because the bullet really mixes it well). Do i love it like spark? nope… but the peaches n cream- is not bad!!! And like others say, I drink it fast and it goes right down- not thick at all.

  7. I just finished my first 10 days and lost 8lbs and 17 inches overall. I go to the gym pretty regularly but me weight loss stalled until the challenge. It was hard to change my eating habits at first too but after 3 days got used to it. As far as the sugar cravings go I had that last year as I had candidiasis which was absorbing sugars and other nutrients as I ate them to grow. Probiotics helped get rid of it and as the cleanse contains them, who knows, maybe that’s what could have been causing the cravings and why they subsided.

  8. The fiber drink was a big deal for me, but I did it with Spark, and little extra water and the peaches and cream flavor all together!! Worked soo much better 🙂

  9. I’m so happy you posted this about your first 10 days. I am exactly like you. I couldn’t handle the fiber drink either and I had headaches for a couple of days. Other than that, I like the Spark drink and eating better makes me feel good too! I will start the second part of the challenge in 2 days. Good luck on the rest of your journey 🙂

  10. WE are Advocare distributors and have been for 10 years- I know some people (like my brother) that let the fiber drink thicken and then eat it with a spoon. 🙂
    These are great to do every 3-6 months. BUT the fiber is VERY VERY important because you have to get RID of the things you are cleansing, otherwise the rest of it will not work as well and you are wasting money. (think of it like trying to drink through a straw that has stuff gumming up the inside of it)

  11. I love the Peaches and Cream fiber drink!! I don’t like the citrus and plain. To me peaches and cream should be thick so it is yummy!!

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