NSVs and a Little Scale Talk

I love non-scale victory day!  Check out Katie’s blog for some more non-scale inspiration!

Here are a few of mine from the last week:
  • Finished my 11th 5K race–and even ran it in the rain!
  • Did an interval workout on the treadmill and ran the fastest I have ever ran at 8.5 mph.  I wanted to try 9 mph but I didn’t feel like dying that day.   
  • Finished the 10 Day Cleanse (although I wasn’t all that good the last three days!)
  • I worked out with Wanda.  
We both wore our Fittd Brand shirts–of course I had to take a photo!

That lady kicks my bootay–literally.  But I love it and I love her.

    So even though this is NSV day, let me talk about the scale for a hot minute.  I’ve been teetering up and down between 187-191 pounds for the last few weeks.  Today I’m a solid 186.  I’m re-evaluating my goals and even though I know it isn’t all about the scale I do want to see some more pounds drop off over the summer. If I can just focus on losing one pound a week then by the time we go on vacation in July I’ll be in the 170s.

    And if I continue on, then by my 15th anniversary in August I’ll almost be the weight I was the day I got married (170 pounds).  I have a goal that I haven’t told anyone but Aaron–until now–to try on my wedding dress the week of my anniversary.  I’ve been scared to try it because I grew out of it years ago.  I really want to get it out and show it to the girls and I know I won’t be able to resist putting it on.  Let’s hope it fits again!

    And if I continue after that then I’ll be at my goal weight range by the end of the year (155-160).  JUST ONE POUND a week…totally doable.  So that’s my new motto…my new phrase to keep me motivated.


    If I can just focus on that goal from week to week then the bigger picture (that I have 30 more pounds to lose) will seem much easier.

    What can you accomplish with one pound a week?  Figure it out.  If you only lose one pound a week…how close to your goal will you be by the end of the year?  

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    5 thoughts on “NSVs and a Little Scale Talk

    1. Great way to look at it. I tend to look at the total number—and that can overwelm me… Going to try and look at like that for the next few weeks and see if the scale changes…

      Very Motivational!!

      1. I tend to look at that big number too and if I don’t lose “enough” one week then I just want to give up. But ONE pound…that I can do. What’s that saying about eating an elephant? You just take it one bite at a time. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      1. Thanks Kristin! I appreciate that! I don’t always feel amazing while I am doing it. LOL! I feel like an elephant running through peanut butter. 🙂 But I always feel amazing afterwards!

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