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Race Report: Bright Night 2013

This was my second year running Bright Night.  It’s a twilight race (starting at 7:30 pm) which I absolutely love and it is for a great cause–Ovarian Cancer Awareness.  It’s also one of my favorite courses and the after party is at Moe’s.  Could it be a better race? 

Aaron decided to sit this one out because he had a man cold.  Ladies, do your husbands get man colds?  They’re terrible, awful colds that despite the very minor symptoms have the ability to knock a man down to the couch for days on end.  I don’t know how we survived this one to be honest with you.  It was touch and go there for about five seconds.    
I, however, decided to run.  Despite the fact that I was hoarse, my calves were still sore from the stadium steps on Wednesday, I hadn’t ran in three weeks, and my lady friend was visiting.  Just call me Laura, Supermom.com.  
This was the first race that I wore shorts for.  Me!  In SHORTS!  And it was also the first time I wore my snazzy pink compression socks.  My friend, Maureen got a good kick out of those but admitted that they made it easy to locate me in the crowd!  I usually don’t wear them but my calves were aching something fierce.  I put them on and they instantly felt better so I kept them on for the race.  
Even though I didn’t have Aaron there, I did have several friends running which always makes it more fun!  I hitched a ride with Kathleen and the threat of rain was all around us when we arrived early to register.  The word was that if there was lightning they would operate on a 30 minute delay and play it by ear.  We even caught wind of the chance of the race being cancelled completely.  In the end, they delayed by 15 minutes which ended up being a bad decision.  During that 15 minutes it barely rained and just before we lined up at the start it started a steady, solid rain and continued for the entire race.  
Sorry, Sarah, for the “pantyhose over the camera” filter!  🙂
I hate running in the rain.  The only benefit was the temperature was a mild 63 degrees!  We started at 7:45 pm.  I had a good first mile at almost exactly a 10:30 pace (even with stopping to tie my darn shoe).  I never said I was fast.  My neck started hurting and I had to slow to a walk for a minute.  I picked up my pace again and despite dodging some puddles was able to do my second mile at about an 11:15 pace.  I was getting slower, the rain was starting to really annoy me and I just wanted to be done.  
The last mile I was back and forth with two ladies in pink.  I’d get ahead and then they’d get ahead and on and on.  They started cheering me on and telling me (in a nice way!) to pick up my pace but in the end they both got ahead of me and I couldn’t keep up.  
I finished at 35:16.  Not a PR but I wasn’t expecting one.  It was still a fun race even with the yucky rain!
My friends all did great!  Kathleen won her age group (and got an awesome medal) and Sarah finished fifth overall in our age group.  Maureen (who ran with her daughter Kathleen) beat her time from last year and Andrea and her hubby and daughter all finished together!  I’m super proud of her seven year old for sticking it out in the rain! 
Sadly, this was the last year for Bright Night.  I’m going to miss this race especially since it’s the only evening race in Greenville.  It was definitely one of my favorites!
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