Workout Wednesday: May/June Workout Plans

It’s Workout Wednesday!  Woo hoo!  
My workouts have been crap lately.  I haven’t been running consistently because I just needed a break from it. I ran a 5K on Saturday and I am still sore from it!  I’ve only been working out 2-3 days a week which is unusual for me.  I’m determind to kick things back in high gear for the last ten days in May (really–where did this month go?) and keep up the momentum through June.  I tend to get lazy this time each year so I have got to have a plan! 
Today, I’m just going to post my plan for the remainder of the month and for June.  
Running:  I’ve simply got to get back in the habit of running.  I really want to get a sub-30 minute 5K this year and I know that means more interval training.  I’ve never been good about following a running plan.  I lose interest and I like to just to my own thing.  But obviously that hasn’t been working!

I’m going to follow a four week plan I found at Pop Sugar Fitness.  My next 5K is on June 22 so this will be the perfect!  Now to stick to it!

Weight Training:  I’ll continue taking Chisel class each Monday.  I’m hoping to keep working with a trainer every other week (Wanda kicks my tail but I need it!).  I have failed miserably with the plank-a-day challenge. I’m going to try another monthly challenge and maybe I’ll have better luck sticking to it this time!  The days are different because this is an old monthly challenge but I’m going to do the Mean Abs Challenge.

Clean Eating:  I’ve felt so good after a few days of cleaning up my diet so I know I need to continue with it.  I’m going to try very hard  to plan out my meals ahead of time.  I’m going to continue to limit dairy as I haven’t missed it really at all (except for my beloved Oikos coconut yogurt).  I’ll continue to limit bread to one serving a day and I’m going to try really hard to keep my sugar habit under control!  
What are your workout plans for this week?  

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