Workout Wednesday: My Fave Equipment for a Home Workout

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I am the queen of excuses.  If there is an excuse for not exercising, I’ve probably used it at some point in the last ten years.  I know I’ve used this excuse before but now I can’t stand to hear people say that they can’t exercise because they can’t go to the gym.  I’m sorry but that is a lame excuse.  Anyone can exercise anywhere you just have to be creative about it!

I don’t go to the gym every day but I do some type of exercise almost every day of the week.  When I don’t have time to hit the gym I workout at home.  Yesterday I had a sick child so we spent the entire day at home.  I still got up, put on my workout clothes, and I made time to exercise for twenty minutes in the afternoon. Twenty minutes is better than zero minutes.

I have a few basic pieces of exercise equipment that regularly use.  They’re nothing fancy and most of them I picked up cheaply at TJ Maxx or Walmart.  Even Aldi carries exercise equipment from time to time!  These are a few of my favorite things to use at home:

Stability ball, kettlebell, resistance band, hand held weights 

I used these four pieces of equipment for my twenty minute workout yesterday.  My legs were sore from some Spinning I did on Monday and I’m conserving my legs for a big day of running the stadium steps later this week so I concentrated more on my arms.  I did two different sets and repeated them each twice.

Set 1:
1.  Kettlebell Swings:  I used the kettlebell and did 30 kettlebell swings to get my heart rate up.  Kettlebell swings are one of the easiest exercises ever.  If you need a visual here is a great video with lots of tips for doing it correctly:

2.  Standing Double Bicep Curls and Overhead Press with the resistance band.  I did 15 reps of each of these.  A resistance band is a great thing to have on hand and you can take it with you anywhere!  You can google both these execises to find examples.  Both involve stepping on the band and holding the handles with one in each hand.

3.  Tricep Extensions with one 10 pound weight.  I love working on my arms and this one is really helping my under arm flab to tone up.  I did 15 reps.  

4.  Repeat all of the above.

Set 2:
1.  Kettlebell Swings x 30.

2.  Seated bicep curls on the stability ball.  (Confession time–this is the exercise we were doing in Chisel class last week when I fell off the ball.  ::blushing::)  You take your resistance band and place it under the ball. Sit on the ball and hold the resistance band with a handle in each hand.  Do a bicep curl on each side at the same time.  Jenn Fit explains it on her blog and has a few pictures.  I did 15 reps.  

3.  Chest press on the stability ball with 10 pound weights.  I did 15 reps.

4.  Push ups on the exercise ball.  10 push ups.  
5.  Repeat. 
Easy peasy.  I don’t usually plan out my exercise ahead of time.  I just do what I feel like doing.  I learn different exercises from classes, DVDs, personal trainers, or watching friends at the gym.  
For more exercises to try visit these sites:
And don’t forget to check out Skinny Meg’s blog for the Workout Wednesday link-up!  Get motivated! 
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