NSV: New Jeans, Working out With Layla and #OperationHungry

Even though I’m in the midst of posting about Clean Eating this week I’m still going to take time to share some non-scale victory!

I bought some new jeans this week…and they were size 12s!  I’ve fit into some size 12 shorts but this is the first pair of size 12 jeans I have worn in over 10 years.

Yesterday as I was finishing up my Turbokick workout with the stretching DVD, Layla came and sat and joined me.  It made me so happy.  Modeling healthy behaviors to your children totally works.

Those darn wings…grr!

After this photo I did some push ups so she also did some–on her toes.  She looked at me and said, “Get on your toes, mama!  Like this!”  She must be listening to Wanda during my training sessions!

And on another note…I’ll admit that I’m failing so miserably at the ab challenge (I haven’t done ANY of it) and the speed training program I am suppose to be following.  So since I have such an awesome track record of following through with things I started participating in an 8 week Instagram challenge that started yesterday.  The hashtag is #operationhungry.  For 8 weeks you post your workout and meals each day and you take measurements at the start, the middle and the end.  You also post progress photos and goals.


Here’s to the next eight weeks and hopefully many more scale AND non-scale victories!

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