Workout Wednesday: The Wanda 30 Workout

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Me and Wanda circa 2011

My sweet trainer, Wanda, celebrated a birthday on Monday.  I told her on Facebook if she told me how old she was I would do that many push-ups.  Another friend commented that she was 30 (and she looks fabulous for being “thirty” especially considering she has a daughter who is 27!).  So I challenged my old weight loss group to the Happy Birthday Wanda Challenge!  30 of any exercise…push ups, burpees, lunges, squats, whatever you want but you have to do 30 of them.

I went to the gym and on the spot created “The Wanda Workout.”  (Is there a Crossfit WOD called Wanda?  Don’t want to violate any of their trademarks!  LOL!).

Here is The Wanda 30 Workout:

I used an 18 pound bar for the squats, a 30 pound weight for the deadlifts, 10 pounds for the tricep lifts, an 8 pound medicine ball for the rear lunges, a 30 pound weight for the chest presses (oh my goodness that almost killed me) and two 10 pound weights for the overhead presses.

I did a mile run, then 10 minutes of rowing before I started and then I finished with 10 minutes on the spin bike for 30 minutes total cardio.  It took me about 25 minutes not counting the cardio.

I found out later that a friend had also done a similar workout at her gym (the gym where Wanda works).  She did 30 minutes cardio and 30 reps of six different exercises.  Great minds think alike!

What kind of workouts are you doing this week?

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