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Advocare Cleanse Take 2 {RESULTS!}

I have completed my second Advocare cleanse! In all truthfulness, I didn’t take the fiber drink every day only because I had a couple mornings after nights shift when I just wasn’t feeling well.  And other than a few days when I slipped up with my eating I was pretty good about sticking to clean eating.

My results were a lot better than I was expecting considering those days when I messed up.  But even when I did mess up and eat something that wasn’t clean I still stayed within my calories for the most part.

My total inches before:  184.5
My total inches after:  178.25
Total inches lost:  6.25

My weight before:  184.6 pounds
My weight after:  180.8 pounds
Total weight lost:  3.8 pounds

I am SO close to the 170s!  I haven’t seen 170 anything on the scale since at least 2001–maybe longer than that!  My size 12 shorts and skinny jeans are fitting great and I’m almost able to wear some size 12 regular jeans.  And on a crazy whim I bought two pairs of size 10 jeans at the thrift store the other day.  Slowly but surely I am getting there!

I was actually off on Friday night and was able to go to Spinning class on Saturday morning.  I really enjoy spinning but I am rarely able to make it to a class.  It was a great workout and it was nice to give my knees a break (they’ve been a little sore lately).  I was able to finally meet a Facebook friend in real life–Tim runs (no pun intended) a local running group along with his wife, Gina.  I know Gina but had never had the chance to meet Tim.  Emily was our instructor on Saturday.  I’ve taken her dance classes before and although she’s super nice and talented–I’m just no dancer.  I much preferred her spin class!

Tomorrow is the first day of practice for Girls Run Miles which is the homeschool girls running group that I started.  Seriously, if you told me two years ago that I would be in charge of a running group I would’ve laughed in your face.  I have almost 30 girls signed up to run along with 10 moms.  I’m hoping for a great first season!  We’ll be working towards running our first 5k in December!  I’ll be posting more about Girls Run Miles in the coming weeks.

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