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Advocare Cleanse Take Two

Tap…tap…tap.  Hello?  Is anyone still there?  (Crickets chirping…)

Thanks for being patient with my sporadic/erratic posts lately!  Summers are always crazy busy for our family and this one has been no exception!  Over the weekend I took a quick road trip to Virginia to drop my two oldest girls off with my in-laws for the week.  Layla and I came back home (after an overnight trip at a friend’s house on the way back) and have enjoyed doing some things together this week.  I’m working some extra shifts this month so that has added to the busyness and stress but I’ll be thankful for the extra money when my paycheck comes!

On Tuesday I started another Advocare cleanse.  I wasn’t sure after the last one if I would even do another one but all these road trips and vacation has gotten my body all out of whack.  I hadn’t gained any weight (although I’ve been concerned that I’m losing muscle) but I’ve been eating way too much processed and sugary foods and I knew I had to do something to get back on track.  My motivation has been coming and going lately and I thought this would be a good kick in the pants to get my act back together.

This time I chose the peaches and cream flavored fiber drink.  SO much better than the citrus!  I haven’t had any problems getting it down using Angela’s stir and gulp technique.  I’ve been eating strictly clean (except for that roll and that teeny tiny piece of vanilla pound cake I had at work last night) and I’m already feeling better and lighter.

Next week we start back homeschooling and will get back on a more regular routine.  I’ve been thinking about how I will fit running and gym visits in with our schedule this year.  We have activities Monday and Tuesday evenings and I work Thursday and Friday evenings so I have to be creative in how I get my workout time in.  It’s hard when you have two people training for the same half marathon and little kids who can’t be left home alone!

I’m working on getting everything in my life more organized including my blogging so hopefully….fingers and toes crossed…I’ll be back on a regular blogging schedule soon!

How is your summer?  Do you look forward to school starting back so your family has a more regular “routine”?

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