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NSV: Annual Check-Up

I’m trying to get back into blogging mode after taking some time off for vacation.  This week I’ve been doing some therapeutic redecorating (our homeschool room was in need of a paint job!) and it’s taken up a lot of my time.  I’m almost done and it has me really looking forward to starting our fourth year of homeschooling in a few weeks!

I haven’t posted any non-scale victories lately but this week I have some really good ones!


On Tuesday I had my annual work health screening.  It is required by my employer to have a TB test as well as a respirator mask fitting yearly.  In addition to this, they also do a weight, blood pressure, pulse, waist measurement, blood sugar and cholesterol check free of charge.  I used to dread these appointments–mostly because of the stupid scale.  But the last two years I have actually looked forward to them because I like to see the progress I am making.

My weight has slowly been decreasing with a little bit of yo-yoing mixed in.
2011:  205  (BMI 35)
2012:  200
2013:  186.4  (BMI 31.8)

My waist has gotten smaller:
2011:  41 inches
2012:  44 inches (not sure why it was so much more last year–maybe I was bloated?)
2013:  38 inches  Only 3 more inches and I’ll be below the recommended range for women.

Running and weight training has decreased my resting heart rate:
2011:  73
2013:  52  Holla!  That’s athlete range right there! 

My blood pressure is down a little bit:
2011:  120/72
2013:  110/77

I was really happy with my cholesterol numbers:
HDL:  31 (2011)  52 (2013)   Improved by 21 points!
LDL:  89 (2011)  92  (2013)
Triglycerides:  104 (2011) 52 (2013)  Improved by 52 points!
Total:  141 (2011)  152 (2013)

I was super excited to see improvement in the HDL!  After my appointment last year I read up on how to improve it and I was already doing most of the things recommended (lose weight, increase physical activity, eat healthy fats such as nuts).  I figured with a little more time it would come up and it did.  I’m now in the low risk range for all of my cholesterol numbers.

The cholesterol numbers were a HUGE NSV for me!  My family has a LOT of heart disease.  I’ve talked about it on here before but just a quick recap:  of the six living siblings on my dad’s side of the family, five of them have had either a heart attack, bypass surgery, or a stroke (my dad included).  Several of the 18 grandchildren have already had heart problems including high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure.  It is rampant in my family.  Getting those numbers in a healthy range was a big accomplishment for me!

This week I’m still working on getting my motivation back.  Sunday I tried to run a few miles and ended up just walking two.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Monday, I went to Chisel class and today I ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  I’m slowly getting my groove back!  I have felt really bloated this week and I’m planning to do another Advocare cleanse in a couple of weeks.

 Oh and today is my anniversary!  Happy 15th to my sweet hubby who has loved me through thick and thin (no pun intended).  I love you, A-Ron!

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7 thoughts on “NSV: Annual Check-Up

  1. Great job, Laura!! I love comparing my test results, too and it’s so rewarding to see them go up and down where they are supposed to! Those are a HUGE NSV! Congrats!!!

  2. Happy anniversary (a few days late! 🙂 ) And way to go, you, for all those positive changes. So great to see that changes are more than just “the scale” and “how your jeans fit”. I guess that whole “health” stuff is really what’s important in the long run! 😉

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