Workout Wednesday: My First Crossfit Experience

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Last week at a homeschool meeting I met a new friend,Paige.  I instantly liked her because she was a runner and we realized we had completed some of the same races (she ran both of the half marathons that I have ran and some local races as well).  I befriended her on Facebook and then saw a post about her going to a local Crossfit box.  They are having a competition for their members to try and get the most visitors there.  Visitors get three visits free with a paid member.  I thought, “Well, why not?!”

If you are not familiar with Crossfit it is a strength and conditioning program that concentrates on various movements performed at a high intensity.  Think, “circuit workout on steroids.”  Only these people are incredibly fit and cut without the use of steroids!  There are even Crossfit competitions and a worldwide Crossfit Games.

So to say I was slightly intimidated was an understatement.  I wasn’t scared of the actual exercise but rather the whole not knowing where to stand, where to go, etc.  I would have been very intimidated if I didn’t have Paige with me!

When we walked in there were fit people everywhere–up on the ropes, doing pull ups on the bar in the center of the room, dragging heavy weights back and forth across the gym, running outside.  My first thought was, “Wow…I wish I could climb that rope.”  Then I noticed many people coming in who looked like me.  Not super fit but just ordinary people who wanted a good workout.

We started at 7:30 by running a couple of laps around the gym.  We did some simple warm up exercises and then our instructor demonstrated for us what our workout would be.  We had five exercises to do for one minute each.  That would be followed by one minute of rest and then repeat the exercises for a total of three times.  The exercises were:

  • Kettlebell Pull Ups (max weight for women was 16kg–I used 14kg.
    Photo from Primally Inspired
  • Burpees
  • Sit Ups (arms extended overhead, keep arms extended as you sit completely up)
  • Pull Ups (or ring rows if you are unable to do pull ups–I did ring rows)
  • Air Squats
    Photo from Cody Blog

There was a timer that would signal when the minute was up so you knew to move on to the next exercise.  We had chalk so we could write on the floor how many reps we did of each.  The idea was to keep track of your total amount of reps and write that number and your name on the board afterwards.  I decided to keep track of each exercise so I could see how much I slowed down between sessions.
My total reps ended up being 278.  I’m pretty sure that was close to dead last but not too bad considering it was my first time! I could have gotten more kettlebell reps if I’d used a lighter weight but I’m used to lifting heavy in Chisel class so I went with the 14kg kettlebell (roughly 30 pounds).  I suck at burpees.  I hate them.  Really, really, hate them!  My sit ups were just meh–reinforcement that I need to do more ab/core work!  Pull ups were not too bad because I used the rings (my hands were just screaming at me on the way home).  And squats are my favorite so the air squats weren’t too bad either.

My thoughts on my first Crossfit experience were 1) It is very similar to my Chisel class as far as the type of exercises except in Chisel class we follow Bobby’s lead as far as how many reps we do.  2)  It made me sore immediately after (I thought my thighs would give out on me when I had to go down the stairs after my shower) but I wasn’t that sore the next day.  3)  I can see why people like it–the camaraderie especially.  4)  If I didn’t have kids I could totally see the hubs and I doing this.  Unfortunately it is expensive and there is nowhere for the kids to go during class.

I had fun and I would definitely go again.  The cost at this box is $85 a month or a 10 visit pass for $85.  I pay my trainer $15 an hour so the price is comparable but of course this isn’t one-on-one like it is with Wanda.

Have you ever tried Crossfit?  Would you consider trying it?  Don’t be scared!  Find a box, take a free class and let me know what you think!

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