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Sometimes it is All About the Scale

I know I may seem wishy washy from time to time. One day I’m sharing my weigh in results and the next I’m declaring my hatred for the scale. I seem wishy washy because I am wishy washy when it comes to that number on the scale.

I know that I am more than a number. It took me two and a half years to get to that point but I totally get it now. I know that there are many ways to measure success and that the scale is just one small tool. I get that.

But I also have to face reality. For the last two years, from August to December I have gained an average of 15 pounds. Last year it was almost 20. I get busy when we start back homeschooling. I feel guilty when I don’t give my girls all of my free time and I let things slide. First it’s my workouts and then it’s my eating.

I am determined that I will not let that happen this year. The only way I can be sure that won’t happen and that I can motivate myself to stay focused is by weighing in. So despite my soap box rants about the scale just being a number and my encouragement to women to celebrate their non-scale victories, I am going to start weighing in again each week and posting my results. Operation #stayfocused is about to commence.

I’m starting out at 181.4 pounds (did I mention I hit the 170s for about five minutes last week?!). I would like to lose about ten more pounds by the end of the year but if I just stay at or below 182 I will be satisfied and will call it success.

I’m not going to let the changing seasons and my recurrent seasonal depression get me down this year! I have so got this.

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