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Advocare Cleanse Meal Plan

This was suppose to post on Monday but…well…I got busy and forgot! 

I’m here!  I’m here!  I am still alive (somedays barely) but I am still here.  My blog posts will probably continue to be sporadic at least for another few weeks. My oldest daughter has a part in the local children’s theater and her practices are several times a week. Once that is over I will have a little more time for other things like blogging.

This weekend was our annual Halloween party. We have been hosting one every year since 2010 and we usually have between 30-40 people. This year we had over 40 people and it was one of my favorites so far. Layla insisted that I dress as the Wicked Witch since she was going as Glinda. 

I woke up today feeling yucky from all the food I consumed over the weekend. I bought an Advocare Cleanse Kit last week and started it today. I made my meal plan out yesterday and I’ve filled the cabinets and fridge with clean foods.  
I’m not doing measurements this time but my starting weight is 186.8.  Here are my meals for this week:
Breakfast:  Two egg muffins (with ground pork added)
Lunch:  Turkey, Banana, Cashews
Snack:  Apple with almond butter 
Supper:  Chicken (seasoned with taco spices), brown rice, steamed Brussels sprouts 
Breakfast:  Two egg muffins
Snack:  Fruit protein smoothie
Lunch:  Leftover chicken, half a baked potato 
Snack:  Frozen grapes
Supper:  Grilled chicken, veggies (at small group).  Cornbread (not clean but it really good–and mostly healthy!).  Grilled pineapple.    

Breakfast:  Eggs, turkey bacon 
Snack:  Fruit protein smoothie
Lunch:  Grilled chicken salad (using leftovers)
Supper:  Southwestern meatball skillet (from Clean Eating magazine), Brown Rice with veggies 
Breakfast:  Grits, Turkey Bacon
Lunch:  Leftovers 
Supper:  Chicken Stir Fry (zucchini and onions) with egg noodles 
Snack (at work):  Frozen fruit, oatmeal with banana and walnuts 
Breakfast:  (see above–my work snack will be my breakfast) 
Lunch:  (I will be asleep)
Supper:  Which Wich lettuce wrap (pizza for everyone else at home)
(My Fridays are weird eating days for me because of my sleep schedule. I will probably eat another snack at work). 
Breakfast:  Oatmeal with fruit
Lunch:  Sleeping 
Supper: No idea. Out, maybe?  
Sunday we are having a birthday party for my two youngest daughters and I will be having a piece of cake. And maybe some ice cream. 
I am drinking tons of water and  going to try to at least get a walk in every day that I am not weight training or running.  I have finished my half marathon training plan but actually starting it has been more difficult than I thought it would be!  I’ve had some really tough weeks lately with the kids and just life in general and it has really affected my motivation.  Hoping for some better days ahead.   
 I also hope to see at least five pounds off when I finish this cleanse but I will be happy just to get back under 185.  Here’s to happy cleansing!  
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