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Race Report: Dash for Cash 2013

So I’m a little lot late posting this but I just remembered that I never shared about the Reindeer Dash for Cash in December!  Although my time was the absolute worst ever (47:16–I stayed with my daughter for this one!), and the weather was atrocious (rainy and cold) it was one of my favorites because it was the first official race for our Girls Run Miles running group and it was my middle daughter’s first 5K!

Back in the summer I got this idea to form a homeschool girls running group. My daughters were interested and I knew a couple of teens who were starting to run and they were interested so I started to make plans for a group.  I had hoped that we would have at least ten girls to start out with.  Imagine my surprise when I had thirty girls and twelve moms sign up for the first season!  My first thought was, “This is awesome!” immediately followed by, “Oh my!  I have no idea what I am doing!”
We started meeting in August to train together with a goal to complete our first race in December.  The girls were encouraged to run on the weeks in between practice and I was pleased with how well they all progressed through the season!
I chose the Reindeer Dash for Cash as our first race because it’s a great course, it’s the largest 5k in our area, and it’s for a great cause.  The race director, Dawn, is the wife of one of our fallen soldiers, Chris Cash.  She organized this event to provide scholarships to college students in our area in honor of her husband.  Chris loved running and fitness and he loved kids.  She told me that she knew Chris would be supportive and proud of our group.  We were honored to run this race and I enjoyed having her come to practice to share with us about Chris’ life and about the race. 
The day was rainy and cold but the girls were real troopers.  We had 15 girls, 6 moms, 3 dads and 2 brothers run the race!  I was a little worried about Madalyn completing the whole race with the conditions being so bad but she was determined.  The first mile went well with only a little whining on her part.  I’m sure I sounded like a slave driver mom to the other participants as I was constantly reminding her to pick up her feet and to keep going.

Just as we reached mile one she told me she thought her nose was bleeding.  I told her it was probably just running since mine was too but when I looked over she had blood pouring down her face.  She gets nosebleed frequently but had never had one while exercising.  Luckily someone from the National Guard was at the one mile mark and he called for the medic van to come check on us.  I had tucked some tissues in my Nathan belt so I held pressure on it until they arrived. 
The soldiers in the van told us to hop in and they would take us to the finish line.  I was so disappointed for Madalyn’s sake.  She was so sad when we climbed in that van.  After a mile she told me that she didn’t want to ride over the finish line–she wanted to run!  Her nose had stopped bleeding by then and she wanted to get out and finish.  I was one proud mama!  We got out at mile two and started running again.

She was amazing!  She didn’t complain anymore about the cold or the rain or her nose.  She was determined to finish and she finished running!  
The girls received medals (dog tags) at the finish line and one of our girls even placed for her age group. To say I am proud is an understatement.  All the girls worked so hard and it was a great way to end the season!

Little Layla didn’t run this one–maybe next time!
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