That Time at the Gym When I Almost Threw Up…

I finally got my lazy butt back in the gym today.  I had planned to get up early and go to a 9:00 class.  Layla ended up sleeping in the bed with us last night and when 8:00 rolled around we were both snug as a bug and didn’t want to get up.  I work night shift on Thursday and Friday nights so I tend to sleep in on Thursdays anyway.  Long story short, we ended up waking around 10:00.

I had started to tell myself that I didn’t want to go to the gym anyway and maybe I should just wait a few more days but when Layla woke up she said, “I want to go to the new nursery!”  That was all it took to motivate me to get up and get ready.

I decided I would run one mile on the treadmill no matter how long it took me and no matter how hard it was.  I haven’t ran since my last 5k on December 8.  I’ve had some knee problems (and some laziness problems!)  and just haven’t been motivated to do anything.  I knew that one mile was going to be hard because my endurance is down and I packed on a few pounds over Christmas.  Mentally I think it was even harder than the first day I stepped in the gym back in January 2011.

I walked for half a mile at a slow pace and then increased the speed to 5.5 mph and stuck it out for one mile.  I finished around 11:05 ish. When I stepped off the treadmill I felt an instant wave of nausea and dizziness come over me.  I thought I was going to black out.  I made a beeline for the nursery and laid down with my feet up for about five minutes until it passed.  I kept telling myself, “Don’t hurl…don’t hurl.”  How embarrassing would that’ve been?!

It wasn’t a pretty mile but it was a mile!  I’m thankful for my daughter for talking me into going.  I feel like I’m starting all over again but I’m hopeful and determined to make this my healthiest year yet.  I am only three years away from the big 4-0 and I’m determined to be healthier in my 40s than I have ever been in my life.

Since I am not paying attention to the scale for a few months, I’ve taken photos and measurements to keep track of my progress.  I’m committing to posting a photo around the 15th of each month in the same clothes to keep track of my progress.  Here are my month 1 photos.  Eek.

  I can definitely see those 10 pounds I’ve gained (in my belly and my arms/shoulders) when compared to my sidebar photo.  No worries though because it’s going to fall back off.  My eating is back on track (and that’s the biggest battle of all) and I know I can do this.  Here’s to finally finding some MOTIVATION!

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