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Race Report: Tonight, Yes, Tonight 5K

Tonight was my first race of 2014.  I hadn’t done a race since December and I really haven’t been running all that much so I was a little nervous about it.  I wasn’t expecting any PRs and I wasn’t expecting it to be one of my better races but I went in just telling myself to complete it.  Annagrace decided to run this one with me.  It was my 13th and her 3rd 5K race.  

This race was called Tonight, Yes, Tonight and it was to benefit our local Young Life organization which is a non-denominational ministry/mentorship for kids.  This was their first race and I’m hoping it will stick around since my beloved Bright Night twilight race is no longer being held.  
I worked night shift last night so I slept most of the day.  The race started at Moe’s and this was the fourth time I’ve done a race on this course.  It’s my very favorite course in our city and it’s where I last got a PR.  Aaron and the little girls came along to cheer us on. 
This was a small race and the majority of the participants were young–in fact the three top girls were all 12 years old!  I looked around and had that thought that I always have, ‘I’m going to be last.’  I’ve done 15 races, I have never once come in last, and I still have that same thought at every race!
We were off at 6:30.  I was worried about my quads because I’ve been walking funny since I did some leg work with my trainer on Tuesday.  My legs felt fine once I got stated but a half mile in my neck started pounding.  I’ve blogged about it before…I don’t know why it happens and I have yet to find a way to make it stop.  All I can do is grin and try to bear it.  It hurt so bad at one point that I thought I was going to throw up.  I had to do a lot of pep talking to myself.  “Push through the pain…do this for mama…do this for the girls…do this for yourself!  It’s almost over!  When you finish you get to eat a burrito bowl!”
There were a couple ladies about my age who I was back and forth with for the last mile and a half.  I finally pulled ahead of one of them for good right at the end.  I didn’t see Annagrace after we took off.  She ended up finishing up in 35:35, a PR for her!  We were so proud of her!  I finished in 37:48.  I was hoping to finish in less than 36 minutes so I didn’t meet my goal.  But whatever.  At least I did it!
I’m going to the chiropractor next week and I’m going to talk to him about working on my neck to see if we can get it loosened up.  My endurance is fine otherwise.  Every time I stopped tonight was because of my stupid neck pain.  
The race was very well organized and a lot of fun.  There were plenty of volunteers along the race course and several of them were dressed up–we saw superheroes, cheerleaders and hula girls.  They were very encouraging as were some of the people in the neighborhood who came out to cheer us on.  The water stop was in the middle of a loop so you actually had two chances to stop for water.  The after party had live acoustic music and was at Moe’s outdoor patio.  They gave away some awesome door prizes and Annagrace won a really nice large duffle bag!  We ate some good food while we watched the awards being given out. 
I would definitely do this race again!  It was a lot of fun.  It has motivated me to get back on track with my running and I am really looking forward to my next few races!  
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