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Race Report: First Christian Church Fun Run

A few weeks ago our family did a glow in the dark fun run together.  It was put on by a local church and was was not a typical 5K.  It was not timed and the course was actually a large loop around the church grounds.  Ten laps equaled a 5K and after each lap you earned a glow in the dark bracelet.

I had worked the night before and the girls had dance photos that morning.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep before the race but I had decided I was going to run/walk it with Layla so I wasn’t too concerned about it.  The race started at 7 pm and most of the the participants were children from the church.  Layla said she wanted to do four laps and I was determined to keep her to it!

The race started and Layla took off running!  That lasted for about 30 seconds and then she wanted to walk.  I was able to get her to run a few more times.  She spotted the playground on the first lap and that was all she talked about the entire time.  I made her encouraged her to keep going and we finally finished four laps!

We hung out on the playground while Aaron, Annagrace and Madalyn finished their ten laps.  Annagrace ended up being the first female finisher and third overall.  I was super pround of Madalyn who ran almost the entire time!  My Madalyn–the one who hates running!  Aaron was disappointed in his time but considering it was his first race since December and the fact that it was in the upper 80s that evening I think he did pretty well!

I had two of my Girls Run Miles (homeschool girls running group) girls there and this was their first “race.”  They’ll be running an official race with our group in June.

We had a great time.  There was a bonfire with S’mores afterwards and we went home and had our traditional after race meal of Mexican food. Madalyn said she had a really good time and that she wants to do it again next year!  Hopefully next year I’ll be able to get Layla to run the whole thing with me!


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