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Race Report: Skedaddle for the Small Fries 5K

Yesterday was my 14th 5K!  I ran it with a few of the girls from my Girls Run Miles group and we had a lot of fun.  We were missing several of our group–a few were out of town and a few more have been dealing with some aches and pains while running lately.  I really missed having the whole group there!  All the girls who ran this season made me so proud!  

The course was familiar as it was one I had ran back in October but the weather was definitely warmer.  I honestly wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for the girls.  I have been struggling to wean off this stupid anti-depressant and it hasn’t been pretty.  But I have determined that I have to do it as I’m pretty certain it’s a big reason I haven’t been able to get off the 15 pounds that I gained over the winter.  But, I digress.

So the first 1.5 miles was good.  Not my best pace but I hit the halfway mark right around 18 minutes.  Then I got really nauseated.  Blech….probably from the side effects of coming off that medicine along with the heat.  The good news is that my neck didn’t hurt at all!  My chiropractor has been working on it for a couple months and I think it is finally starting to loosen up.  Hooray!  This will help big time when my mudrun and half marathon training start up in a couple weeks.

So once I hit 2 miles I caught up with one of my sweet little ones in my group.  She was taking a long walk break so I encouraged her to pick up the pace.  We started back running the last half mile which is uphill almost the entire way.  She did it though and zoomed past me right at the end.  I was able to see my oldest and her friend cross the finish together.

It was a great race.  I’d guess there were about 400 runners.  The after party had great food from Texas Roadhouse, the t-shirts were cute (although we waited too late to register and didn’t get one), and my friend’s dad was DJing (and he always does a great job).  I’d definitely do this one again!

I’m already looking forward to next season.  Thanks for a great Spring season, girls!

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