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It’s almost time for us to get back to learning in this house.  It’s been a great summer but I’m anxious to get back on a routine.  I’ve never been an organized person and it’s a daily battle for me to stay on task but with one starting to do kindergarten work this year and another starting her last year before high school (EEK!) I have to get myself together.

My favorite homeschool organizing task is putting together my lesson plan book.  I recently posted about making a list of all the things you would like to include in your DIY book.  Be sure to check out my list and my links on that post! This week I’m sharing information about how to actually put our book together.  I started making my own book because I just couldn’t find a planner that fit all my needs.  The first year I used a 3 ring binder but last year I actually took it to Office Depot and had the cover laminated and had the book spiral bound.  I LOVE it!  I will never go back to using a 3 ring binder. July Organized Homeschool   Week 5, Day One:  Gather and print any needed pages.  You can print these at home or at your local copy store.  I usually print off one copy of each page and then make my copies at Office Depot to save on my printer cartridges. Day Two:  Create a cover for your book and print this on cardstock (or have it printed at your local copy store).  I use Photoshop to create my covers and I include our school name and the year.  Picmonkey is an easy program to use if you don’t have Photoshop.  You can make this book totally your own–add photos, quotes, etc.IMG_0548 Day Three:  Arrange and proofread your pages.  I put them all in the order and I make a list of each page and how many copies I need of each (the girls at Office Depot love this–it makes their job so much easier!).  I proofread every page and add any filler pages, dividers, etc. This is what my lesson plan pages look like.  I made up my own template and we use it every year.  I copy enough pages for the entire year for each girl. IMG_0544Day Four:  Have your book printed and bound.  I prefer to spiral bind my books.  I tried 3 ring binders but I didn’t like that I had to have the entire book open to view the contents.  I like that ease of the spiral binding and I think it is so much easier to write on both sides. When I have mine bound, I ask them to laminate the front cover and the back cover (which is usually just a piece of cardstock).

I don’t remember the exact cost last year but I am sure that not counting the copies it was less than $15 to have it laminated and bound.

Do you make your own lesson plan book or do you purchase one each year?

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