{31 Days to an Organized Homeschool} Week Four: Cleaning Your Homeschool Space

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This month is just flying by!  It’s already week four of 31 Days to an Organized Homeschool.  I’ll be straight up with y’all–I don’t have time to do any of this stuff this week!  This is hopefully our last really crazy week of the summer.  I’m looking forward to a slower, lower key August!

This week we’ll concentrate on organizing your homeschool space.  We’ve been blessed with an extra bedroom which we use as our homeschool room.  We have lots of shelving, a large walk in closet for storage and plenty of room for everyone to sit around the table.  When we first moved this room was our daughter’s room but we decided to change things up a bit and make it the schoolroom.

Here are a few of my favorite homeschool room/space ideas.

This is a great idea for a dining room/living room:

Photo credit:
Photo credit

I love this huge table and the calendars!  This is a simple but pretty room.

I LOVE this homeschool space!  She makes her living areas work well for homeschooling.  And how awesome is that map wall?!


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There are so many options for where to homeschool in your home.  Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t have a dedicated room.  You can make it work no matter what your housing circumstances.

This week we’ll be working on cleaning and tidying up our homeschool spaces.

Week Four, Day One:  Organize pens, pencils, crayons, and markers.  I also recruit the girls for this task.  Even my youngest daughter can check a marker and see if it’s dried up.  Throw out the old non-working pens, the nubby pencils with no erasers, make a crayon project with those old crayons, and get everything organized!

I really love this crayon art project and I can’t wait to try it with my littles!


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 Day Two:  Sort through games and educational toys.  Throw out games that are missing lots of pieces.  Giveaway games that your children have outgrown (I’m sure you know a homeschooler with a younger child who would love a new-to-them game) or that they no longer play.

Day Three:  Sort through art and other supplies.  We have art supplies coming out of our ears!  I am an art supply hoarder.  You name it and I probably have it.  Glue sticks, foam, stickers, paint, pipe cleaners in multiple colors, etc.  I have a little bit of it all!  I keep it organized (well, I use that term loosely) in our homeschool room closet in plastic tubs.

Day Four:  Clean your schoolroom.  Like, really clean it.  Dust the fan.  Clean the windows.  Wipe down the baseboards.  If you have carpet, steam clean it.

Day Five:  Make a list of items to include in your lesson planner book.  This will get you a step ahead for next week.  I make my own lesson plan book each year.  I found that it worked better for me and in the long run was more economical to make my own.  I start out each year by making a list of what I need to include in my book then I start gathering and printing off the pages.

This is what I included last year (and it will be very similar to this year).  I’ve included links to the files that I typically use and I’ll be sharing some of my own printables next week.

  • School calendar
  • Calendar for each month
  • Attendance 
  • Objectives/Goals for each child (my own)
  • Lesson Plans for each child (my own)
  • AHG Badge forms (Free printables by me!)
  • Field Trip Planning and Log (my own)
  • Girls Run Miles running group roster and training log
  • Blank Paper for notes

Your list may be similar to mine or it may be completely different.  There is a plethora of options for things to include and many, many free printables out there!

July Organized Homeschool

We’re at the home stretch!  One more week and your room will be all organized!

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