{31 Days to an Organized Homeschool} Week Three: Organizing Your Home Library

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I’m say behind on posting this (considering it’s now the end of week three!).  Life has just been chaotic lately.  It seems someone is always packing or unpacking in our house and I’m so looking forward to our vacation next week when we will all be together again!

This is the third week of my project to get my homeschool room organized for the coming school year.  This week is all about organizing books.  If you are like me you have a house full of them.  Luckily, we have a lot of bookshelf space in our house which helps us to keep them somewhat organized.

However, over the year things get out of order.  I find books shoved under beds, stacked in the corner of a bedrooms, hiding out under the couch and scattered around my van.  This week I’m working on getting them reorganized.

Week Three, Day One:  Sort through and get rid of outgrown books.  Some other ideas for getting rid of outgrown books include:  sell them, donate them to a Children’s Hospital, thrift store, or pediatrician’s office, give them away to a friend.

Day Two:  Organize bookshelves by genre or age (or in any way that makes sense to you!)  I have our non-fiction books organized by school subject.  Our children’s fiction books are loosely organized by age–I place the ones for my youngest daughter on the lowest shelves, my middle daughter on the middle shelves and all my classic books and/or books for my oldest daughter go up top.  My husband and I each have our own bookshelf in our music room.  We also keep books in our closet upstairs because we just don’t have enough room for all of them!

Day Three:  Designate a spot for library books.  If you haven’t done so already, find a special spot just for your library books.  Make sure everyone in your house knows where this spot is and teach them to put their library books away when they are finished with them.  This is really important for us as we check out anywhere from 25-40 books at a time.

Day Four:  Organize your e-reader.  I love my Kindle.  Love, love, love it.  I never thought I would like reading books on it but I found that I read more and I read more quickly on it than I do a traditional book.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still love the feeling and the smell of a new book but a Kindle certainly makes reading while traveling super easy.  Spend some time today organizing your e-reader (deleting unused apps and books you have already read).

Day Five:  Return any borrowed books.  If you’ve borrowed books or movies from friends this year now is the time to return them.  I borrowed some books from a friend last school year and learned a great tip from her.  She puts a label right on the front of the book stating that the book belongs to her.

I found some really cute free printable book plates online.  Check out these from J Rox Designs:

J Rox Designs

And here are some cute ones from I Heart Organizing:

I Heat Organizing

July Organized Homeschool Next week we’ll be organizing our actual homeschool “space”–whether it’s an entire room, the corner of a room or the kitchen table!  One of my tasks will be cleaning the carpet.  I’m so excited about that (hashtag sarcasm).

Hope you’re having a lovely summer break!


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