{31 Days to an Organized Homeschool} Week Two: Curriculum Organization

This is week two of 31 Days to an Organized Homeschool!  We’re working on organizing our curriculum and will begin to catalog the books in our home library.

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Week Two, Day 1:  Sort and pack up old curriculum.  I keep sets together in plastic bins which go in the attic.  I keep out anything that I may possibly use in the coming school year.  With three girls who have four years of age separating them (12, 8 and 4 at the current time) it seems like there are always books to be packed up and unpacked and handed down!

Day 2:  Designate a place for current curriculum.  This could be as simple as cleaning off a shelf or it may involve putting together a bookcase.  We keep the books we use daily within easy reach with a shelf designated for each daughter.

Day 3:  Make any needed copies and file.  Some of the curriculum we use requires that I print and copy certain pages.  If you are feeling very motivated, you can take time to do this today.  I have a file folder with each week of the school year labeled.  I’ll make copies a few at a time and file them there for when I need them.  I don’t have anything to copy currently because I don’t have all of our curriculum in hand yet.  Instead, I’ll be cleaning out this file folder box and getting it back in order.

file box

 Day 4:  Gather curriculum for the coming year.  For me this will include digging in the attic and retrieving curriculum we used in year’s past.  I’m also making a list of all the curriculum we still have left to purchase and planning when it will all need to be ordered.

Day 5:  Start cataloging personal library.  This is a task that may take some time if you have a large library like we do.  I searched and searched until I found the perfect app for keeping up with our books.  I’ve been known to purchase the same book more than once so I needed a portable way to keep track of what we already had at home.  The Libib (pronounced luh-bib) app allows you to manually enter books OR to scan the barcode!  I set up my own catagories (including movie catagories) and started scanning away!  I love that I can access this either on my iPhone or on my laptop.

You can catalog up to 100,000 items by using your scanner, entering the book name or the ISBN.  Here is a screenshot from my desktop computer.  This is such a fantastic tool for bookworms!   I can scan about ten books in two minutes time so little by little I’ll get our library done.

home library screenshot

Next week we will really get into our library and start organizing it.  Our home library is huge and I am looking forward to getting it in order!  Here is a free printable for the month to help you stay no track!

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