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Book Review: Isabella Star of the Story by Jennifer Fosberry


Isabella Star of the Story is the third installment of the Isabella book series by Jennifer Fosberry.  In this book, Isabella visits the public library with her parents declaring on the way in the door, “And my name is NOT Isabella.”

Isabella then proceeds to introduce herself as various literary characters while she explores in the library.  On one page, she is Peter Pan, “flying straight on to the children’s room.”  On another page she is Alice in Wonderland off on an epic adventure.  I love how the book introduces children to other books and shows how reading can be an adventure.

There are a few things that I really love about this book.  There are clues given about each character on the proceeding page.  I love reading it with my daughter and having her look at the picture and tell me what is coming next.  Another thing I love is that this book is illustrated by our good friend, Mike Litwin.  You can find some of his family members’ names scattered throughout the book.  Layla loves to find her best friend’s name!

The illustrations are beautiful and whimsical and it is a great book that encourages girls to read.  There is an index in the back of the book that tells about each piece of literature that is mentioned in the book.

Our family loves the Isabella books and this is by far our favorite!

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