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Book Review: Year of No Sugar by Eve O. Schaub

I happened upon this book while browsing the bookstore several months ago.  I had already started reading another book about quitting sugar and I was intrigued by Eve’s story.  For one year, she and her husband and their two young daughters did not eat any added sugar.  No white sugar, no maple syrup (and they lived in Vermont–the horror!), no honey, no agave, no fructose of any kind.

The idea for this year of no sugar came after the author watched a youtube video, Sugar: The Bitter Truth.  After watching the video and learning some staggering statistics about sugar she decided to find out if it was possible to live a year without the addictive white stuff.  She points out that this decision was not made based on a whim, or a “fun kicky idea” but it stemmed from her enlightening that, “sugar is everywhere, it’s making us all fat and sick, and almost no one realizes it.”

Eve soon learns that added sugar really is everywhere and can be found under many different aliases.  She shares the ups and downs of traveling, eating out, attending parties, and celebrating holidays without sugar.  When you think about how many of those things are centered around food you can appreciate just how difficult this project was for her and her family.

I learned a lot about sugar and how it is affecting our society (did you know that the typical American consumes sixty-three pounds of high-fructose corn syrup per year?).  I enjoyed reading her oldest daughter’s diary excerpts as they sounded exactly like my own tween could have written them.  She uses a lot of humor (I actually laughed out loud reading about her tale of trying beaver meat) and it is a quick read.

I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about quitting sugar or who is interested in improving their health.  It is definitely eye opening and informative.

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