DIY: Easy Pallet Sign {REJOICE}

DIY Easy Pallet Sign
If you have a Pinterest account you may have noticed that projects made out of pallets are everywhere these days.  People are making signs, benches, tables, shelves and all kinds of crafty things from cast away pallets.  And why not?  Old pallets can usually be found for free.  The wood is aged and worn which gives it a rustic look and you just won’t find that character in a new piece of pine from Lowe’s.

I’ve been bitten by the pallet bug.  So far I’ve completed three pallet projects and today I’m sharing my first–a sign I made for my porch for Christmas.

While driving around our neighborhood I happened to see two pallets that were waiting for trash day.  I convinced my hubby to help me load them up in the van and he begrudgingly agreed.

pallet project 1

Obviously the photobombers were excited as well.

I couldn’t wait to get to work on this beautiful baby.  Our first step was breaking it apart.  I don’t have a reciprocating saw (yet–it’s on my list!) so this step required a hammer, a large screwdriver and a lot of upper body strength.  The girls had fun helping me break it down.

Once it was all apart I chose two of the boards to use for my sign. I wanted it to be big so it would be visible from the road.  I used a small board from the pallet and some nails to attach the two boards together.  Now it was time for the fun part!  I sanded the boards lightly (I like the rough, aged look) and then I whitewashed the boards using watered down acrylic paint.

While this was drying I did some math–algebra–to figure out how large I needed my letters to be.  See kids, you really do use algebra in the real world!  I measured the board and then subtracted four inches to account for a half inch above the top letter and below the bottom letter and a half inch between each letter.  I divided this number by 7 (for the seven letters in REJOICE) and came up with the perfect size for my letters.

I chose a font that I liked and printed out one letter per page.  After my paint was dry, I laid the paper down on the board (starting with my middle letter–“O”).  I used a pencil and pressing hard I traced around the letter.  It left a slight indent on the board.  You could also use tracing paper or a projector (I’ll share how I used a projector for another project soon).


After I had traced the letter I started painting.  I used a small brush and acrylic craft paint and carefully painted each letter.

It turned out great and looked so beautiful on my porch during Christmas!


REJOICE Pallet sign
Note to self: paint the storm door SOON

If you’re interested in making your own pallet project, I suggest checking out your local home improvement stores.  You will usually see several out by their dumpsters.  I would always ask just to be sure but usually they just end up going out in the trash (oh the horror!).

Have you ever made anything with a pallet?




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