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Homeschool Curriculum Review: My Father’s World

I’m sharing a homeschool curriculum review today about one of my favorite companies, My Father’s World.  This is not a sponsored post, I just love their company and their products so much that I wanted to share all about them.

We started using My Father’s World curriculum in 2009 when my oldest was in 3rd grade and my middle daughter was in pre-K/K.  I was about to pop with baby #3, it was our first year homeschooling, we had just relocated to a new state, and I was working part-time!  I needed something easy that didn’t require a ton of work on my part.  It was a blessing to find My Father’s World.

homeschool curriculum review My Father's World
We have used Exploring Countries and Cultures, Kindergarten and Exploration to 1850 and have enjoyed them all.  This year we are reusing Kindergarten with Layla and Exploring Countries and Cultures for the older girls.  My Father’s World is unique in that it promotes families learning together.  Your kids “cycle” through five different programs from 2nd-8th grade.  This is a great graphic to explain how it works:

homeschool curriculum review My Father's World
I have been to a few homeschool conference sessions led by the founders of My Father’s World, David and Marie Hazell.  The Hazells were missionaries in Russia and they started MFW as a way to support bible translation.  I love their heart for missions and I love supporting a company that gives to such a great cause.

One homeschool mom, Rysa, shared this in the My Father’s World Facebook group:

 I have a personal story that shows the true heart of the company. We had a total loss house fire in March of last year. My friends soon thereafter called MFW to gain info on what material I needed to jump right back into school, knowing how important that is to my family. Well, MFW immediately sent me everything I ever ordered from them for FREE!! The company truly lives what they guide us to teach! I cannot even express what a comfort and joy there was when I opened up the box and placed the material into our rental bookcase.”

I don’t know about you but I feel good about supporting a company like that!  I asked on that same Facebook group about pros and cons of the curriculum. Here is my list of My Father’s World curriculum pros and cons compiled from over thirty moms who have first hand knowledge!


  • Lesson plans are easy to follow and require little preparation
  • Good/strong family relationships because kids learn together
  • One-Room Schoolhouse approach–don’t need multiple levels of curriculum for each child
  • Biblical worldview
  • Blending of homeschool styles (Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unit Studies)
  • Covers social studies, bible, science, art and music
  • Cost effective (can reuse unit studies by just purchasing new student sheets)
  • Ability to teach several students in different grades together
  • Classical music CDs are included
  • Great hands on activities for little ones
  • Lighter schedule/easy to accomodate a four day homeschool week
  • Part of every purchase goes to bible translation
  • Book Basket list is thorough with great book choices and it encourages kids to read
  • Student sheets are clearly labeled with week and day
  • Very detailed teacher’s manual–great for new homeschoolers



  • Not feeling like you are doing “enough” compared to your peers (even though you ARE!)
  • Lots of time spent reading aloud–can be difficult for some children to pay attention
  • When teaching more than one child and one isn’t ready to move on the other children have to wait for them
  • History is focused on American history so not as good of a choice for those outside the USA
  • Dependence on the library for “book basket” books may be difficult for some
  • Notebooking pages are “plain” and not as thorough compared to other programs
  • Math and phonics are integrated in the Kindergarten and 1st grade program–if your child is ahead or behind you will have to supplement
  • Can not copy student sheets–have to purchase one per child; if child makes a mistake can not print another sheet
  • Need a stronger high school program

Overall, these moms were united on one thing:  they all love My Father’s World and they continue to use it year after year!

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3 thoughts on “Homeschool Curriculum Review: My Father’s World

  1. Agree totally except with the CON: “Need a stronger high school program”. I wonder if that person has USED the high school program. It is a VERY rigorous, college prep program.

  2. We are long time users of My Father’s World curriculum. My youngest started using it in K, and he is now in his sophomore year of high school. I disagree that the high school program could be stronger. It is a strong program that will help parents prepare their high school students for whatever next step God has for them. I like that it provides an excellent, well-rounded framework that I can tweak as necessary based on the talents and interests of my kids. I have a nephew who used MFW high school who is excelling at the Air Force Academy. There are few institutions in the US that are more selective that the military academies!

  3. Thank you so much for all your work on this post, Laura! After reading all of the comments on the FB page, it really solidified my reasons as to why we have used MFW for these past few years. The only thing I would like to clarify about the high school program is that it is rigorous, indeed. So much so that when we tried it for 9th grade (AHL), my daughter was a bit overwhelmed! Thankfully, it just takes sometime to become acclimated with a different workload from middle to high school, which is a whole transition time in and of itself. Nevertheless, thank you so much for sharing this will all of us. I hope it is a great encouragement for others who are looking into MFW for the first time, or after many years of homeschooling. God bless!

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