How to Purchase Eyeglasses Online

How to Purchase Eyeglasses Online
Eyeglasses can be expensive–especially when you are like me and you are thisclose to being legally blind.   I’ve worn glasses since I was nine years old and my vision has gotten worse as I have gotten older.  It is bad.  Like, I can’t even read the big letter E bad.

Since my vision is so poor, I have to get thinned out lenses for my glasses.  I typically pay upwards of $200-$250 for one pair of glasses.  (Did you know that eyeglasses from a typical brick and mortar eye care store have been marked up 400%?  That is crazy!)  I had always thought since my vision was so poor that I couldn’t buy my glasses online and I was so excited when some friends with equally bad vision told me they had success with purchasing online glasses. So I decided to give it a go and after doing some online research I decided to use Zenni Optical.

There are a couple things I needed before ordering:

  • I had to get a copy of my prescription and it had to be faxed or e-mailed to Zenni. I told my doctor I planned to order online and asked for a printed copy of my presciption.  I ordered my glasses and then faxed my prescription the next day.
  • I had to know my pupillary distance.  You can measure this yourself but I just had someone at the eye care center measure it for me.  I didn’t even ask–when I told the doctor I was going to order online she said, “Okay–you’ll need your pupillary distance measured.”

Once I had those two things I was ready to shop!  I logged onto the Zenni website and browsed through several pages of frames.  After choosing a few that I like, I uploaded a photo of myself and “tried on” several pairs.  They have a huge selection for adults and kids.  I settled on some black frames with white detail.  (A couple months later I also ordered a pair with a skull and crossbones on them!)

Zenni Optical Glasses
Annagrace needed a new pair as well.  She picked out a metal frame pair and a few months later decided she wanted something different so we ordered her a second pair as well.  Zenni Optical keeps our prescriptions on file so we don’t have to enter it in every time we order.  Ordering a new pair is so easy–just log on, pick out a pair and place the order!  Her glasses–frames, lenses and all–were only $20!  She loves her new “nerd” glasses!

Zenni Optical Glasses 2
Here are my thoughts on ordering eyeglasses online with Zenni Optical:


  • Very economical
  • Easy to place orders (and reorders)
  • Stylish frames
  • Large variety
  • Free hard case and cleaning cloth with every order


  • Can not physically try frames on prior to purchase


I really can not think of any other cons.  Annagrace and I have been very happy with our glasses.  I’ve had them for several months and they have held up well to daily wear.  I will definitely use Zenni from now on and I have referred several friends to them.  I can’t imagine paying $200 again for a pair of glasses!

Have you ever purchased eye glasses online? If you haven’t, you should give it a try!

Shop up front low prices on prescription glasses at Zenni Optical. Frames starting at just $6.95.
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  1. Thanks for this, Laura!!! I know I had asked you about it before but this was very informative. I am saving this on FB so I can find it later when it is time to order some new specs!

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